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How do you store your devices/parts?

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  • How do you store your devices/parts?

    I've been trying to think of some simple and classy ways to store my tlc-x when it's not in use, as well as storing the extra parts I'm not using at the time.

    Right now I just have everything sitting on a washcloth on top of my dresser. I was thinking some sort of small box or dresser valet would be nice, but I'd like to hear how the community stores their devices.
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    Components that are in regular rotation are kept on a dish towel. I keep other components not in regular use in a drawer of a little pencil/office supply drawer set. I've heard of tackle boxes being a good option too.
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      I'm back and forth between two cities every week, so where I store mine depends on where I happen to be at the moment if I take it off, which is usually a top pocket in my backpack or my toiletry bag (always rinsing off before putting back on).

      However, my finacee is an incredibly talented seamstress by trade (makes handbags, wallets, dopp kits, etc.). She's tossed out the idea of sewing a special bag in which to store all my restoration equipment. She's really busy for the next month, but whenever she gets around to it, she told me I'm free to share pics of it here


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        On top of bathroom counter or in a box.


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          Basically, I take a washcloth, and then I cover it with a paper towel so no lint or fabric gets on the device. Then after I shower and wash the device, I simply put it into the washcloth/paper towel combo and then fold it in half. Pretty simple setup, and pretty easy to fold it up and put it away if you don't want others to find it.


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            I was wanting something to store and carry my bits in, when magically in the post came a gift from my wife's father (who I've never met) who just decided to send her a gift and include in it a neat little zip pouch made from a cut of an old Afghani embroidery for me. Kind of like a beautiful cloth pencil case.
            So I use that! It fits everything perfectly. How he could have known...?


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              I wrap all silicone parts of daily use in a few foots of toilet paper and put it in the drawer of my nightstand, along with the straps .

              When traveling, I use one of the top pockets of my computer backpack to carry the TLC-X Tugger and the straps. The Your-Skin-Cone always travels "installed" on my penis .

              For the parts that I don't use daily (elastic rubbers, springs, washers and spare hardware), I have them stored in a toilet bag in the drawer of my desk.
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                LOL, I am so lame compared to the rest of you. I just put mine in my pocket and wash it off before I 'put it to use', otherwise it sits on my dresser or in the drawer of my night stand.