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Design problem with TLC tugger

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    Originally posted by The Market Libertarian View Post

    I am working with what I have- that's not the problem. Besides, 0 progress in 2 months- law of averages says it will take infinite months to finish restoring, and Ill be dead by then.
    You must be patient, young Padawan. 2 months ain't shit. When you're young time seems to pass by so slowly. As you get older, the passage of time seems to accelerate. Remember your earliest summer break from school. Seems like the summer was really long. Compare that to now. Seems shorter. Wait 'till you are 50! Summer goes by in the blink of an eye. The beginning of restoration IS slow as fuck, but as you gain skin your growth accelerates simply because you have more skin to tension. Don't worry about the underside. It WILL grow. Just keep at it.