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Pain when tugging

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  • Pain when tugging

    I have been using my tugger now for about 7 months with minimal progress. It seems that I can only tug for 3 to 4 hours before I have to remove it because of pain. Any ideas?

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    Well, I do not keep tension on for more than 1/2 hour, typically about 20 minutes. I have found that the amount of tension is far more important than the time under tension. So my suggestion is to tug for less time. Say 20 minutes, twice a day. I can also say that after 20 minutes, at times, my skin "feels like it needs a break". You might want to experiment with tension levels to find the amount of tension that gives you the best progress...



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      And a bit more perspective:

      I started years ago with a device (one of the first commercial devices) that was very similar to the TLC. It soon caused a dull pinching pain which I recognized as the pain that comes from pinched blood vessels (those nerves can talk loud when they want to). I hung in, but I started to look around to see what else was available. I settled on a TLC. It too caused the same pain. I suspect that some of us are more sensitive to the pain that comes from occluded blood flow, a result from trapping skin between cones (and actually, from all methods to some degree). So I went to the canister method, and had no trouble at all. Could you be sensitive in the same way? I have no idea.

      Greg's suggestion that you spend less time under tension is bound to work in terms of pain (although I got more sensitive to it for some reason, and couldn't stand using a compression device at all), as long as you can fit that schedule in your day, and he's certainly right about brief periods of tension vs hours. That was a proven finding during a study done years ago in the lab setting.

      Somebody here recently said that you can slap a device on and forget about it, and he's dead wrong about that. It's the common understanding among newbies, but it's wrong. Devices need to be adjusted, as do straps if you're using one of those, and pain isn't the only reason. That's why I always suggest manual to supplement your method and schedule.

      And lastly, you shouldn't expect to see any dramatic difference in 7 months time, twice that, or ever. Signs of growth are very subtle, at any point along the way.


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        Maybe manual methods would be a better choice for you


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          I tend to tug over 12 hours daily with the TLC-X, moderate tension during the day, higher tension at night and some manual tugging before bed. Feels good for me, and every once in a while I take a one or two day break when having more physical activities planned. For me, I've gotten so used to daily tugging that I miss the feeling when being on a break
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            My approach is similar to BelgianChris, though not as many hours consecutively (not more than 6 here), with manual tugging before bed and often the skin cone on to keep the glans covered. The cone stays on even with nocturnal erections, the exception being if the erection is sustained long enough that the preseminal leaking causes it to come off. This routine has produced decent results, is comfortable and not hard to stay with.


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              So the question becomes, what's happening in terms of tension if you don't readjust it during 6 to 12 hours.


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                There is likely some adjustment that occurs when the device is removed/replace for bathroom breaks, etc. I don't get too wound up about it, and so far, I am satisfied with the changes that my routine has produced. Other men probably have seen more gains, but I am OK with what I've seen so far.


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                  If you have a relaxed feeling about what you are doing and you're satisfied, then fine, nobody needs to be obsessive about it, so carry on. But there is an underlying assumption about devices, which greg touched on in his post: time under tension. It is assumed that devices give you extra time under tension. But he thinks time is secondary to tension. I agree with him. Science agrees with him. And lately here there's been a re focus on cycles of tension. Cycles by definition are on/off. So where does the on/off happen with devices?

                  The OP's focus is on his pain, as it should be. He says he can't wear his device for longer than several hours. Is several hours a cycle?. It is, again by a very loose definition, but is that an optimum cycle of tension? I don't think it is, it's just a cycle of wearing the device. With a device you get an initial pull, and then your skin relaxes, stretches. When it stretches, it no longer "sees" that tension. No tension, the cycle is done, over with, and nothing is happening for hours. No additional cycles, no additional stimulation of growth.

                  So the assumption is that, with a device, you are constantly applying tension to your skin over those hours. You really aren't. You did one cycle, and then the show stopped, unless you readjusted the tension. And that wouldn't be more tension, it would be a reapplication of tension. If you were able to apply constant tension, the second, implied assumption, then Science found that the growth show stops with that as well. No growth. Of course there is no way we can apply constant tension.

                  So, the question remains, what happens to tension, aka cycles of tension, during those hours. Not much, unless you readjust your device, or your strap if it loosened (the thing about straps is that they are unique: when they flex, they apply cycles of tension, but they will also need readjustment), or pusher if you're using one.

                  Something to think about.
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                    Maybe too much tension? When I was first starting with my TLC-X, I would go to where I would have pain, and then take the rod back about 10% which seemed to work allowing me to wear it for 8 hours a day. The trick is to not have it be uncomfortable when wearing it.

                    Currently because I have a lot of skin and I'm using 26mm of spacers with a 6.25 inch rod, I have finally gotten up to 4.5 hours a day wearing it because my head is pushed so far down that it can be uncomfortable after a few hours of wearing it.

                    Experiment a little bit with where the cut off is before you experience pain and you can wear it for longer periods of time. Pain is never good and you should not just fight through the pain. Unlike in Superman, pain does not equal gain


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                      The only times when I have felt pain from the TLC-X is when the skin is unevenly distributed, which results in uneven tension and often the device coming loose. At that point, the edge can be a bit sharp and cause some skin irritation. As soon as I feel that this is going on, I re-apply the device and at that point the contact line between skin and device will be different, so the pain is gone right away. If you don't have equal amount of skin on all sides I imagine this could cause you more trouble. Over time, you can try to even things out, but that would probably take quite a lot of time. I'm intentionally trying to apply some more tension on the side where I have less skin, so I hope to get the length to even out in the coming months. Luckily, the difference is quite minor, it was mainly the circumcision scar that wasn't really nice and straight. Now with getting some more inner skin, this looks more apparent to me, but I think it's something temporary.

                      good luck, and keep in mind that the process should never cause pain, so keep on playing around until you find what works best for you. When I first used the device, I had a tendency to push the cone down to the body a little and as such squeezing the skin because I was afraid the device would let go. Only after a few days I realised that it works better to not push on it at all, the skin should keep the cone in place, and if it doesn't, the application of the device is probably not ideal. In fact, every once in a while the cone still lets go during the day, but it's not a big deal, as the device just hangs in my foreskin until I adjust it again.
                      There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

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