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Difference TLC Hanger and VLC Hanger?

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  • Difference TLC Hanger and VLC Hanger?

    What is the difference between TLC Hanger and VLC Hanger?
    I looked at the descriptions and one is 5 dollars cheaper than the other, but else i didn't find a difference?


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    it is to my understanding one of them is ventilated while the other is not. From my personal experience I would recommend the ventilated as not only does this allow for more skin under tension, not combated by negative pressure created by an unventilated tug but also helps reduce moisture thus ensuring a better grip.


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      Ok, i think i get it a bit, is it like this:

      TLC is standard thing with a hole, basically the only thing that gets pulled down is the foreskin

      VLC is without a hole. So foreskin is pulled, but also the whole penis. It's a bit less foreskin pulling then TLC and more 'whole penis pulling', it's basically for penis enlargement next to the foreskin enlargement.

      Ron wrote in his faq "I added 1/4″ of erect length while I added 4″ of skin tube using only the skin stretching version."

      Hm. I guess i like the idea of 'working at both'.


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        I find anything liken to "penis enlargement" outside of growing a fauxskin to be snake oil if you will. You can grow a lot of shaft/inner foreskin and thus contribute to your erect girth but lengthening the actual penis I wouldn't waste a dollar on. It's like fat burning pills, you spend 45 bucks for a caffeine high. Besides the average erect length is literally ~5 inches long and unless you're having sex with women/men who have "been around" (are very promiscuous) the length of your penis will never come into context of a negative implication.