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What should I do if this doesn't work?

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  • What should I do if this doesn't work?

    I'm still not swing any progress, and if I don't by the time, next year, that I started, I am going to give up and try surgical options as an adult. This seems to be turning out a failure.

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    Sorry to hear that.
    Maybe, if you explain your tugging routine, people here can suggest changes/corrections that might help. Something is obviously going wrong, and unless it's that your body is physically incapable of growing skin (extremely unlikely) then it's something that can be pinpointed and fixed.

    So, what method(s) do you use, how often, how diligently are you sticking to your routine, and are you certain that you're providing adequate tension?
    If you're comfortable with posting pictures, a pic when you started, and a pic of you currently, would probably help. Maybe we could see some changes that you are overlooking...


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      My routine varies a lot from high tension for about an hour at a time with my DTR, take a 5 minute break then begin again to Direct Air at high volume for as long as I can stand to now incorporating Andre's manual method when I can. That being said I have only begun really committing to tugging for about 3 months total although many years ago in high school I used canister for a bit but as my resources were limited I didn't have an elastic strap so it was more or less manual stretching. That being said I REALLY need to start a photo diary because I understand the struggle of thinking you aren't getting anywhere because you forget where you came from a month back. I know I've made progress because yesterday was the first time I was comfortably ables to manually tug by pulling my skin around my index finger than griping said skin against the finger and manually tugging it. I NEVER could do this before. It really is baby steps man and depending on how you were cut, your diet, physical activity, water intake, genetics, and method of tugging your progress is going to be unique to yourself. I was cut high and loose(Ci3) with what seems the vast majority of my frenulum (I have about 2 centimeters more ventral skin), I have always been able to masturbate with slack skin and although I was still cut I consider myself lucky-not the luckiest but lucky. I could not imagine starting at Ci1 and I applaud anyone who has/is. I can only offer my anecdote and as of now I can only recommend against the surgical option because it is of really poor choice and quality compared to the fauxskin produced by tugging. You do not want outer skin covering your glans for a variety of reasons including rash/chaffing/irritation. You do not want to lose scrotal skin. Stay the course brother. Time is only going to pass you by.


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        Originally posted by Into The North View Post
        .....many years ago in high school I used canister for a bit but as my resources were limited I didn't have an elastic strap so it was more or less manual stretching.....
        Just a note from an old timer like me:
        The early (1990s) online restorers used to consider "underwear quality" elastic to be the choice elastic to use in their tugging efforts. So the elastic you need may be obtained by cannabalising a pair of undershorts in your underwear drawer.

        I bought men's suspenders for the clips, but never found a use for the suspender straps, which are usually too taut and too coarse on bare skin.

        I initially used elastic sold in a blister pack in the sewing notions display of a drug store. Go to where they sell sewing needles and you will find elastic there too. 3/4-inch-wide non-roll elastic worked for me. I was looping the elastic around the back wire of a suspender clip, so I was tugging with the elastic essentially doubled per width (or the equivalent of a 1-1/2-inch-wide piece of this elastic). This gave me close to the ideal in tautness and resilience. For an optimal results, there should always be some give, or bounce, left in the elastic when you tug. The invisible vibes that are transmitted through the elastic to your growing foreskin via your body motions promote growth significantly. Fresh elastic works best; distressed elastic slows progress.

        Later, I found that I could buy the same exact elastic from the bolt in Joanne Fabric and Craft stores for one-third the cost per unit length. The store clerk who helps you will almost always ask, "What are you going to use the elastic for?"

        Still later, I abandoned use of elastic entirely and used rubber bands in my tugging chain. The size rubber band I found most useful was Staples brand #84 (3-1/2 inch X 1/2 inch)(one-half the circumference X width). The rubber bands cost pennies each, and I changed them every three days, so I was always tugging with fresh resilient elastic.

        Also please consider the Comfort Straps sold on the site. It supports this forum, and the proprietor likes spending the profits on intactivist causes:

        World As Monkey Island
        I declared myself finished restoring with 3/4 erect coverage (CI-8.5) in 2005. I primarily used T-tape, strapping up and around my waist.
        I've participated in NORM meetings in San Diego, Los Angeles, Seattle (RECAP), and Ann Arbor, Michigan.

        Every doubt, reservation, or concern I had about my restoration was resolved by achieving additional foreskin LENGTH.....So just KOT !


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          And..............I'll address what nobody else has (don't know why): you received your tugger 3 months ago. You can't expect to see any significant change in 3 months, or 6 months, or 12 months, or even 18 months. So ... advice on changing strategy (schedule, amount of tension, or method for that matter), or materials, will not help this situation. Only time will, assuming you are actually tugging.

          There, that was simple.
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            Since you quoted me:

            You are wrong. Everything you've said in your post, is wrong. Everything you've said in your post is NOT the way it works. You have no understanding of anything having to so with so-called restoration, or vitamin C for that matter. This sounds blunt. It is blunt. But it's true.

            With your particular dysfunction I'm aware that you probably won't listen to that. But you should. Try. If you are able to say to someone, "this is what I have (meaning your diagnosis)", then that should be the guide for you to take notice, look at what you've just said in a post, and keep in mind that your thought processing may be "off". Your understanding of restoration is "off". Your dialogue on restoration is "off". Somebody with experience needs to tell you that. You need to listen to that.

            Then go back and re read what I posted.
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              Originally posted by The Market Libertarian View Post
              I'm still not swing any progress, and if I don't by the time, next year, that I started, I am going to give up and try surgical options as an adult. This seems to be turning out a failure.
              How confident are you that you can see the typical amount of progress one could expect in that amount of time? 3 months suggests something around 2.5 mm. Get a ruler and look at that measurement. Then look carefully at your skin. Now answer that question.

              Surgical options are not good options. Loss of sensation, skin that doesn't look right, doesn't act right, are the typical result. Far better to figure out how to do this. It can take time to sort it out. Lack of progress for the first few months is not uncommon. Don't give up, figure out how to make it work. It really is not that hard, but there can be some subtle things that need to be tweaked. Like tension. the amount of tension, based on my experience, is the key. I always suggest taking the time to experiment with the amount of tension. If you can do that, you will know that this works.

              Best wishes


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                That would be something like 4 hundredths of an inch. Sounds about right, and in which case, you have seen progress. Just keep in mind that progress isn't steady, it fluctuates. It takes year, after year, after year..........etc.


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                  Sounds like you haven't found your IDEAL tension. Remember, the beginning IS slow as hell, especially if you haven't found your ideal tension. Five months is hardly enough time for that unless you miraculously hit it on the first try! EXPERIMENT!


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                    Originally posted by The Market Libertarian
                    I should see some changes
                    If you do a Forced Erect Coverage (FEC ) reading now and monthly you should see measurable changes of 1mm - 3mm per month. This assumes you use gentle tension 8-12 hours per day and wear your skin passively retained over the glans during all non-tugging hours.
                    -Ron Low
                    [email protected]
                    847 414-1692 Chicago


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                      I just want to thank Ron and his team. I have been restoring for the past 2 months. My results have been vastly more rapid than initially expected. I have only been able to tolerate about an hour to 90min but oh my God, the results are beyond what i expected. I am at more than 50% coverage flaccid. The goal is full coverage when erect. It is a uphill climb but with persistence, we can achieve this goal.


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                        I've been restoring about 6 months, and what overwhelmingly has kept me going is the fact that I'm taking FEC measurements every two weeks. Measuring FEC will reveal progress that simply won't be visible in pictures. Additionally, it's best to take pictures (and perhaps videos) at all different angles and at varying stages of flaccidity. Turn this into a project that will eventually inspire others. Reward yourself for every completed month. Create a routine.

                        As others have said, no matter how fast your progress, you won't particularly see or feel significant changes very soon. Everyone's situation is different. I, for instance, despite experiencing about 0.8" of FEC growth over the past 6 months, putting me well over 115%, am still a CI-3, and the monthly pictures lined up aren't remotely representative of the actual progress.

                        TL;DR, Measure progress. You need to have something to motivate you. Measure FEC at least monthly. Take pictures. Make a journal to record any personal thoughts on the process. This is an opportunity as much as it is an investment.
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