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Exercising with the tugger on

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  • Exercising with the tugger on

    I currently just do manual tugging. I'm considering on buying the TLC tugger but I'm wondering if it's safe to do calisthenic exercises and to ride my bike with it on as I plan on leaving it on from dawn to dusk.

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    Hey !! I do my raning and my workout at the gym every day and the tugger on for couple of months !! I haven't seen any problems.. but ofcours without using the leg strap it could be then difficult to move and exercise
    Cheers 😉


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      Probably not a good idea. The increased sweat during exercise may make it slip off. Besides a little break occasionally is a good thing. With the typesnof exercise I do, riding dirt bikes, skiing, hiking etc, it could be downright dangerous in a crash. I would say NO just to be on the safe side. An hour or 2 of no tension isn't going to make any difference.