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Trying to get a good gauge on how long to use my TLC-X and Retaining Cone

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  • Trying to get a good gauge on how long to use my TLC-X and Retaining Cone

    Hey Guys,

    So without going into a ton of backstory I've been off and on tugging for about 5 years now but have really broken into a streak of consistency over the last few weeks. I'm averaging about 6 to 8 hours each day with my TLC-X attached and am only taking it off when I visit the restroom. Once I've reached that time I apply my retaining cone and leave that on for the rest of the time (again unless I'm in the restroom).

    The main reason I'm looking for advice now however is I have heard some gentlemen talk about "rest" time where you are not putting any stress on your growth. How important is this? Are there any further steps that I should add i.e. diet, exercise, lotions, to speed along my progress?

    I started roughly between a CI-1 and CI-2 when I first began and now feel I'm slightly between CI-3 and CI-4. Any advice and tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Guys,


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    Your regimen sounds just fine. The important thing is to find YOUR ideal tension and that takes some experimentation. Too little and nothing happens. Too much and your body goes into repair mode instead of growth mode. I myself only wear my device for about 30 minutes at a time with moderate tension and supplement with manual whenever possible. This is called cyclic tension and it works better than constant tension because devices do cut off blood flow to some extent and the cells need that blood flow to divide. It doesn't take constant tension to trigger cells into dividing. Proper amount of tension is the key and 30 minutes at a time is plenty. Rest is important too. Mitosis beyond the maintenance rate continues for DAYS after tension is removed. At some point your skin will simply stop responding and that's a good time for a break. You can't really speed up the process, but there are lots of things you can do to slow it down. Too much tension, poor diet, de-hyration, and TOBACCO USE,this one is huge, nothing messes with your skin more than tobacco, all will result in less than ideal growth. A good multi-vitamin regimen can't hurt either. Just make sure they are the goo ones that actually absorb.


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      Depends on your definition of rest. People usually mean a period of rest between tugging days, and that probably has some benefit. But nobody on our level really knows. Nobody has every formally studied this thing we do. But one thing is known, and that's that no topical substance (creams, lotions, chemicals meant for industrial use, etc) have any effect on how skin grows. However, because some restoration forum members have made various aspects of restoration into a quasi fetish, you will read guys promoting those substances from time to time. It's all nonsense taken from advertising, and over time has become restoration myth.

      If your definition of rest means the period of time between cycles of tension, then we all do that already. Devices do that, fingers do that. We can never (with our practices and equipment) produce so-called constant tension, and we shouldn't, even if we could. True constant tension stops mitosis from happening.

      A decent diet is all you really need. Water soluble vitamins above what your body needs, are wasted; your body excretes them in your urine. Fat soluble vitamins are stored in fat tissue, and if you take high doses, that can cause a real problem with toxicity. Neither type directly affect skin expansion. Skin expansion is a not-completely understood process that is totally internal, and isn't affected by the addition of anything external, other than cycles of tension.
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