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Your skin cone and nocturnal erections

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  • Your skin cone and nocturnal erections

    Hi everyone, i began tugging with the tlcx yesterday and last night i had the your skin cone on in bed. I am CI1 or CI2. when i got night time erections, it felt quiet tight and was bending my penis.

    so my question is, Should i apply the cone differently? Or not use it at all or something... i known ron low reccomeneds wearing the cone from the day we get it, but im not sure what to do.

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    Don't even bother retaining until you have ample skin to do so comfortably and easily. Retaining does nothing for growth. It helps to dekeratinize your mucosa and if you DO dekeratinize without ample skin coverage, it will be quite uncomfortable when it's exposed to your clothing. Wait until you're a CI 4 or 5 to retain.


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      Okay cool, thank you for the info! IIt's exactly what i needed to know!


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        Or, if you do want to retain because you want increased sensation as soon as you can (a lot of guys do), then for now use standard bandaids in the classic cross pattern. The adhesive will break loose with any real force, and believe me, you won't notice an discomfort from increased sensation until you wake up. There are ways around most of the minor issues in restoration. The bandaid idea is an old one from the past. It works.


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          I’d say that it makes sense to retain once it’s comfortable. I wouldn’t say at which CI number that is, as it’s a bit different for everyone. If you’re not quite there yet I’d test before going to bed if the way your cone is mounted allows a reasonably comfortable erection. If not, it might be better to wait a little while. I’ve heard that some people like to use moisturising ointments (myself I use Nivea men sometimes) as well to promote dekenterisation. Some men even apply something like that and wear a condom to keep things moisturised at night when there’s not enough skin to retain yet. In fact a single (or a few) O-rings could also be nice as retainer, as these can still slip off if you get too much tension from an erection. The last option I’ve used in the past, but as that was during puberty the rings would slide off nearly every night without me noticing it. The one with the condoms didn’t really feel good for me, but that’s probably something personal too...
          There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

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            Anything you plan to do overnight needs to be tried out during the day time with the hardest erection you can muster. If there is ANY pain or discomfort - don't do it! All healthy men experience nocturnal erections every single night/morning and they must be accommodated safely. Even if you don't remember them or they're not always there when you wake up, I assure you they are happening. Retaining at CI-1 or CI-2 is not recommended.
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