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V-gap near frenulum

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  • V-gap near frenulum

    I've been wearing the TLCx for a few months now. Whenever I wear the device, most of the time it would create wrinkles around the frenulum area, sometimes creating V-gaps where the frenulum bit would be the weakest part of the tugging, causing my penis to itch.

    Is this normal? How can I deal with it?

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    Maybe we have the same symptom and have different terminology, but I get little wrinkles and "impressions" near my frenulum where the v-shaped space is on the TLC-x. I don't think there is any escaping the fact that when you have something pressing on the skin for so long, it makes an impression in the skin for a couple minutes.

    Before GoDaddy commandeered the old forum, I had some pictures of my progress and I had a pic of the wrinkled inner-skin after I took it off. Basically, what is happening is the same thing as when your hands get wrinkly from being too wet too long. Your penis (or any body part for that matter) does the same thing. I would simply take a shower and clean things off the best you can to avoid any sort of infection and apply a simple moisturizer like Eucerin.

    And you're absolutely right, most of the time, if I've been wearing the TLC for too long, I get a BAD case of "the itch"- which I believe is from a buildup of old skin cells and a lack of contact, which makes your body hyper-sensitive to touch when the TLC is removed (akin to having socks on for too long and having that WONDERFUL itch after you take them off- or maybe i'm just weird and have sensitive legs). This can be remedied by not wearing the device so long and replacing it during the day with the YourSkinCone to keep your head covered and to build dartos muscle memory when rollover is achieved.
    Hope that helped! -Keep tuggin!


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      There seems to be some random tissue growth near my frenulum; I'm not sure if you're talking about that.

      The solution to my problem was to add a layer to the TLC-X. Now the application is firm.