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  • Maximum Tugging Tension?

    On 10/28/2015 a restorer writes:

    how many pounds of force can i get with this TLC-X Tugger?
    The answer really is "more than enough." I've seen people using 5 pounds or more, but that is not something anyone would want to wear for more than 10 or 20 minutes. We fine-tune the tension setting by the 4-Hour Rule: The tension that will give optimal growth of healthy new skin can be so gentle you might forget you're wearing it. You'll know it's working when you compare your next monthly Forced Erect Coverage reading to your prior one.

    We give each TLC device a brief 20 pound test pull. With a typical engineering safety factor of 3 one might say the devices are "rated" for 6 2/3 pounds, but the amount of tension you wear depends on girth, skin thickness, available slack, intended wear duration, how far you'll be from ready privacy, and the consequences of a device loosening or getting uncomfortable.

    how much tension is possible with rubber bands vs fixed pusher position?
    With rubber bands we can literally measure the tension level, by reproducing the displacement on a kitchen scale as shown:

    With fixed displacement of the Pusher we can't measure tension directly. What we measure and reproduce is how far the rod is pushed in (or how much rod remains sticking out). When we apply the 4-Hour Rule we only need to know whether the present setting is more or less than the prior setting.

    I recommend wearing comfortable tension 10-12 hours per day and keeping the skin over the glans with the Your-Skin Cone during all non-tugging hours.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago