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TLC-X causing raw spot on shaft

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  • TLC-X causing raw spot on shaft

    I've been using the TLC-X for only about 20 days now. I am CI-3 and am wearing the pushing rod depressed about 0.75 cm. I've slowly worked up to wearing the device almost the entire day (~12 hrs) with no discomfort (except for this new event). Two problems have arised from wearing it. The device is long enough that I have to angle it specifically down the left side of my pants. Eventually, over the course of about 2-4 hours, the constant rubbing of my pants against the device makes the tugger body rub against my shaft right on my circ scar, which caused a pretty bad lesion that is irritated by water. The rubbing also pushes the retaining cone up on the right side, and not on the left side, making it uneven, and it can be up to an hour until I can reapply. I've obviously stopped tugging while it heals, and want to know how I can prevent the friction on my shaft and the retaining cone being pushed up. Use some kind of lubricant? Decrease tension/tugging time? Use different method (straps, springs, etc)? Wear a cloth over it? Use adhesive? Am I wearing it wrong?? Thanks for any help.

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    I use a beeswax lip balm on the pusher cup. Just make sure it's a straight up beeswax and nothing like peppermint oil flavor. Burt s Bees makes one that's beeswax and honey. Not sure if they make a beeswax only one, but if you can find one, great. As for the retaining cone slipping, get a rubber grommet to put in between the cone and the wire bail. See photo. You want it to float while the device is under tension so it doesn't increase the clamping pressure. You can get one at the hardware store. You may have to grind down the thickness.


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      Hi Wilaz,

      It also took me a while to figure out what was the best way for wearing the TLC-X all day at work. In the beginning, I had issues with it slipping off every once in a while, but that disappeared with getting some more progress, and figuring out that you shouldn't have the cone stuck on the top part of the device, it should always be able to move a bit, as otherwise you're tightening the skin below and preventing blood circulation.

      By now, I've upgraded to the double deep pusher and I'm extending with the longest rod nearly up to the end. I'm always wearing the device towards my right leg, because going the other way just makes it slip off faster. I'm wearing boxers all the time, such that there is an extra layer of fabric between the device and my jeans. The device doesn't extend beyond my boxers, so it actually helps to keep things in place. I've noticed that having the double deep pusher helps to keep the device aligned, especially when you start extending the rod a bit further, so in future that could be a valuable upgrade for you. Another way of fixing the device can be to use a safety pin to keep it in place by attaching it to your boxers. In the beginning I mainly did this being afraid that the cone would drop down my pants if the device would let go, but I've notice that even when this happens, my boxers are tight enough to keep it in place until I can go and put the device back on in the restroom. By now, even when it lets go, I can walk around as long as I want, as my skin is now sufficiently long to hold on to the double deep pusher and nicely wraps around it. I sometimes leave it like that just because I love the feeling of my foreskin grabbing onto it an puckering nicely.

      I'd suggest to experiment a bit until you figure out what is most comfortable for you. In the beginning, I would only use the device at home, until I found a way of using it that I felt comfortable enough with to also wear it during any other daily activity.

      Good luck!
      My best advice to anyone is to KOT!

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