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keeping the device on with tighter pants.

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  • keeping the device on with tighter pants.

    I have been having a few problems keeping my device on under my trousers.
    I do wear regular fit khaki pants, but unfortunately if I wear boxers and put the device on underneath, things tend to be a little tight and the outer cone eventually gets pulled off when walking or the tension on the strap is disturbed. (TLC-X device) know how tight cotton pants get after a trip in the washer and dryer.
    I would like to keep the device on for longer than a few hours, and this problem usually prevents that/causes multiple re-applications, especially if I go from sitting to standing multiple times a day.

    I seem have thicker thighs from all the deadlifts and squats that I do, so there just isn't much room for the tension strap in the first place and walking causes a lot of movement and dislocation

    Does anyone know of any other strapping directions/methods aside from the ones mentioned with the TLC and TLC-X? I think I remember seeing someone talk about how they were strapping from a different location, like from behind the knee or further in front?


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    actually, I discovered (today) that if I put my wallet in my front pocket on the strap side, it creates some room for the device in my pants when walking or taking a step.
    I would rather not switch to cargo pants. I guess this is the main reason I asked this question.

    I have a bulky tri-fold wallet that is about an inch and a half thick and it worked really well.


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      You can also try strapping around your waist!! I have used that with my DTR!! That way the device won't slip off from walking or even bending over!!


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        I usually wear tight boxers such that the device is kept in position. I don’t use any straps but just have it hanging. A couple of days back I tried with briefs instead, having my penis and balls hanging out from one of the leg holes, but then it was too obvious to see through my jeans, so I had to take it off at work that day Don’t think anyone noticed, but I wouldn’t want that to happen. With boxers and fairly loose jeans, it’s not noticeable that it’s there
        My best advice to anyone is to KOT!

        Restarted restoring after a long break of about 12 years. Switched from multiple O-rings to the TLC-X tugger, and happy with the progress. https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x