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Is the tlc-device still working even withouth ANY foreskin left?

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  • Is the tlc-device still working even withouth ANY foreskin left?

    Hi guys,
    well the title says it all: i've seen the video and the person uses the tlc but he has lots of foreskin left- i've been circumcised really thight and haven't got any left - can i still use it?

    Thanks loris

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    Most likely not, you need at least a little skin to be able for the tugger to grip onto.
    If it helps reference to this chart
    You need to be at approximately CI-3 to be able to wear the tlc-x


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      Most men with little skin start with tape or manual. I used t-tape strips and an insert:

      But many have found manual works well for them.

      How much skin do you have? the words "little" and "any" are not very precise. I started out with very little inner skin, maybe 1/4 inch. I had no coverage when flaccid, no skin movement when erect. Does that sound like you?

      You can, of course, buy it and try it. If you don't have enough skin, then put it on the shelf until you do.



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        The guy in the TLC video, Ron, is fully restored in that video. If you were cut really tight you'll have to start with manual methods, T-tape, or the canister method. Go to . There's a wealth of information there about skin coverage index and manual methods and a bunch of other great info.


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          Originally posted by parsecskin View Post
          The guy in the TLC video, Ron, is fully restored in that video. If you were cut really tight you'll have to start with manual methods, T-tape, or the canister method. Go to . There's a wealth of information there about skin coverage index and manual methods and a bunch of other great info.
          Ok great! I will do that, thanks!


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            The foreskin is usually defined as the skin starting at the corona. So unless you had a really loose circumcision, we all start with no foreskin. But that's okay. You're supposed to push the body of the cone against your glans, followed by pulling the skin tube up over the cone, to allow enough skin to be caught between the inner and outer cones. I can tell you I had no part of my skin tube that would ever hang below the corona before. I was probably an RCI-2 to start with. Now I'm an RCI-4, which is the rollover point. And I can tell you I had very little problem getting it on at a medium circumcised level. Now if you are RCI-1 you may find it challenging, and if you are an RCI-0 it may actually be impossible. It all depends how much loose skin you have. Basically, if you can pull the skin a little bit past the corona and still be comfortable, than you can use a device. If not, it's best to manually tug until you reach that point.



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              Originally posted by loris View Post
              i've seen the video and the person uses the tlc but he has lots of foreskin left
              Sorry my video is misleading. Indeed, I didn't have the resources to make any video until I had been tugging for 4 years.

              To use a tapeless device you'll want to roll skin up to cover as much of the Tugger body as you comfortably can with skin, to spread out the gripping force.
              -Ron Low
              847 414-1692 Chicago


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                Originally posted by Reality

                And I'll add, because Jesus, it needs to be said:

                Those of us who restored successfully DID NOT START WITH ANY FORESKIN LEFT. Any "experts" here get that? We all start with NO foreskin. What we tug on, is SHAFT SKIN, and any old inner skin we have left. When we finish we do not have a foreskin THEN, either. Circumcision takes most, or all, of your foreskin away. Gone, gone for ever. What you will eventually grow is NOT foreskin. What you will eventually grow is expanded shaft skin, and some expanded old inner skin which you can form a tube from.

                You DO have enough skin to begin. EVERYBODY has enough skin to begin. EVERYBODY who wants to. Tugging will give you much more than you realize now. You have EVERYTHING YOU NEED to begin now. It will be very much worth it, even though it takes a long time.
                That's not entirely accurate. Anyone with some INNER mucosa technically still has SOME of their INNER foreskin. Luckily I was left with about 1.5" of it. Some, not so lucky. But, GOD DAM I miss my ridged band!


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                  Well since foreskin literally means front skin it wouldn't be inaccurate to call a restored foreskin that name, as long as it wasn't equated to the intact foreskin.


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                    To the contrary, you can also use this definition to promote intactivism. Since it literally just means front skin it makes it seem ridiculous to stigmitize it. There also isn't any exact point where the midskin/shaftskin turns into the foreskin. There is a point where inner and outer skin meet. But the outer foreskin literally just continues from the shaftskin.

                    This is not to disregard the important functions that can't be restored, like the frenar band and frenulum. But I think it is futile to try to stop restored men from calling what they have a foreskin, providing they make a distinction between intact and restored status, which I'm sure virtually all restorers do. It fits the broadest definition, and to any onlooker that's what it would appear to be. They've worked hard for this. I say let them have the word and don't fret about the semantics.


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                      How about "fauxskin"?


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                        Originally posted by Reality

                        So? Probably most of us have some old inner skin left. But that doesn't make what we have a "foreskin". Far from it.

                        If you are intact you have a foreskin. If you were circumcised, you don't. It's just that simple. What you do have after circumcision is truncated inner skin (of a certain length), and truncated shaft skin (of a certain length). THIS is what we have to work with when we start restoration. This IS entirely accurate.

                        And this is more than enough to begin tugging.

                        When we've done our restoration from beginning to goal, we STILL don't have a foreskin. We have expanded, ie loose, skin which we can roll down into a temporary skin tube. Not bad, it's worth it, but it never will be the original thing. This is why I don't like it when guys call what they have, their "foreskin". Nope. It ain't. That's newbie talk.

                        And if you notice, the OP seems to be under the impression that you need a partial "foreskin" to even begin to tug. Not a person here picked up on that. Amazing. Give him a break; support him, not your own agenda. You guys do read the posts, right?

                        Resto-mod supported the dumb-ass idea that we have "foreskins" and said the OP "probably" doesn't have enough to tug. Nonsense, for a bunch of reasons. Somebody needed to correct that so the OP and anyone in the future understands the situation we all start with.

                        Jesus. The internet in all its social media glory. Whine about "support" when you get called on BS, and ignore real support when it's staring you in the face.
                        Nothing in my post supported the idea that we have foreskins I just said that the OP didn't have enough skin to use the tlc-x which if he was cut tight is true (even linked him the CI chart so he could figure out where he's starting). I didn't say he doesn't have enough foreskin to tug but he will need to use either canister or manual methods as the other posters stated to acquire enough foreskin to be able to wear the tlc-x. Also you are the one here pushing his agenda, you come barging in here claiming that we don't know anything about foreskins or restoration (like you're some hardened foreskin restorin' veteran with 47 confirmed restored foreskins) but since you claim that we don't have any foreskin at all when we start then look at an intact man and tell me EXACTLY where the foreskin ends and the shaft skin begins. Don't rush yourself....I can wait lol


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                          Thank you resto-mod. Circumcised men do in fact have foreskins. The inner foreskin is still present to some extent. And I don't believe that words are so strict that we can't use them in context. I literally just pointed out the etymology of foreskin, that it is front-skin. But apparently this is considered offensive to some. I think the idea that a restored man calling what he has a foreskin being an attempt to promote circumcision is patently absurd. No one in their right mind would have that interpretation. Indeed, since we do have some of our foreskin present after circumcision, and since some of this tissue is what is expanded during restoration, why would we be barred from calling it a foreskin in the first place?


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                            When did I ever say that restored skin is the same as an intact foreskin? I made it explicitly clear that one should not make that equation. My issue was the idea of having such a choke hold on language. Language is always changing, and as long as it is understood by others well enough, that's fine. No one restoring thinks that what they've got is an intact foreskin. There is an abundance of information on what functions can and cannot be restored.

                            Now, since you insist on making this personal, I have been restoring for years. You can of course go on accusing me and everyone else on this forum of lying, since I have no proof of this that I am willing to share on here. But your insistence on creating these narratives to dismiss those you disagree with does nothing but create a bad image of yourself in others' minds and increases your negative reputation on this forum.


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                              Originally posted by Reality

                              I wasn't talking to you, ace. My post was in response to parsecskin's post. So right out of the box you're stumbling. But you "me, me" types just go on seeing everything in terms of "me". It wasn't you.

                              Do I have an agenda? You bet. I answer, and often counterpoint all the BS you can find here. Is my counterpoint to "restored foreskins" an example of that. Oh yeah. Am I finished, with my goal of reliable flaccid coverage completed? Again, yes. And hyperbole, ie "47 confirmed restored foreskin" doesn't even make sense, let alone refer to anything in anybody's conversation thus far. I must've stepped on a nerve.

                              How about you? You don't sound like a finished guy. You don't use that language, ever. We finished guys, who've done this thing, and gone through the changes, all recognize each other when we post. To your credit you haven't claimed to be finished. But the thing is, you still answer questions like you are somewhere down the road, and in doing this you trip over the issues. Face it: you are a newbie. Membership is not enough; this isn't social media. You don't know the issues along the way. You haven't arrived at any of them yet. You don't know the underlying information associated with tugging, skin expansion, and the everyday experiences of a skin tube. So, why do you try to answer like you do, and by so doing, F over the OP?

                              My advice is to wait until you've reached at least one of the milestones before you try to answer anybody. You won't sound so far off center then.
                              I saw your first post on this topic before you edited it so don't play dumb with me

                              I know your agenda is just to disturb, we were having a pretty simple conversation here until you came and stirred the shit
                              "confirmed foreskin veteran" was a joke obviously because each of us only need to restore once but you act like you've restored several times and somehow gained more experience from yanking on skin.

                              It's easy for me to say that I'm definitely not finished yet, I had researched foreskin restoration for a couple years occasionally until I made the decision that I would do this for myself. When I joined is when I received my TLC-X in the mail and started off on my journey.

                              "membership is not enough"? what is this a fraternity!? Do I have to attend the foreskin hazing party and chug a beer in 5 seconds, shove the bottle up my ass and then shave the neighbor's cat. Then will I be accepted into your little cult?

                              We all have issues along the way, personally I have a hard time getting bottom skin to grow and it's basically impossible for me to wear the TLC-X under clothes without it working it's way off but I'm still making progress. Also most of us are aware of the useful information of tugging and skin expansion (put tension on skin>stress on the skin's cell structure triggers mitosis> eventually enough cells are produced and the skin has expanded> rinse and repeat) this is the very basic of how foreskin restoration works, for some guys that's all we need to know and for others they like to know even more of the exact science of skin expansion like yourself and there isn't anything wrong with that but there is no need for you to be cramming it down all our throats just because we aren't "sophisticated" enough in our crude little echo chamber here. (you don't see people that gauge their ears arguing over the best way or most efficient or "right" way to stretch their holes or debating on the science behind the processes of ear gauging)

                              Also what "milestones" do you need me to achieve? the closest one that I am coming up on is full flaccid coverage If you consider that a milestone (but who knows what's in your rule book). I guess I am "inexperienced" because I started out at CI4 now a CI5.75-CI6ish, I consider myself lucky that I'm a loose cut (shoutout to all the CI1's or less, it's very sad to see you guys struggle for so long to get just a few wrinkles , but no 2 penises are alike and no 2 circumcisions are alike either but we are all striving for the same goal and that is to become as close to "intact" status as possible.

                              I gave the OP the answer to his question because I've seen the same post probably over a hundred times by a hundred different men that were looking to get started, I gave him a little information and a couple of other posters also gave him a little information and now he is probably doing more research and working on a decision on where he wants to go with his restoration, I don't see any way that that would be considered as F-ing him over.