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    Just checking in after a year off the forum and after a year hiatus from tugging

    While successful in giving me more than enough excess skin to provide me w/the gliding action/sensation when masturbating/fucking and forced erect coverage which extends beyond the tip of the glans, I still do not have enough skin to always fully cover my glans while flaccid.

    I have enough skin to fully cover the glans when seated and can push my penis back and keep it fully covered w/a jockstrap or thong when out and about but, as soon as I stand up and gravity takes over, the penile shaft will extend and the excess skin will almost always roll back.

    Under just the "right" conditions, I can get the skin to cover 3/4 to 7/8 of the glans while standing and get it stay there for moment but it is always a very short lived event.

    As a grower, the skin is extremely thick/elastic and the length/girth of my penis is always changing and, whenever it just gets a wee bit enlarged, the skin just rolls off behind the glans.

    This has been very frustrating and accounts for my on-again/off-again relationship w/tugging (1st w/a PUD and later w/the Tugger) over many, many years (over 30 actually).

    Not looking for any advice. Just letting making my presence known again and relating my experience to those who have not heard it before..

    Anyway, I just started tugging again this month and plan to keep it up again this time until I see an actual difference in flaccid coverage. As the more experienced tuggers here already know, there's no way to predict when a noticeable change will occur. It just happens.

    And, I'm still hoping for the day that I will have full flaccid coverage 24/7.

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    Great post. When we (Distalero was first in saying this) say the truth shines through the words used, it's this kind of post which is the perfect example of that. Hang in, Swingshift. As you know, it will happen.


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      Glad to have you posting again, and tugging again, Swingshift. I can relate to everything you say about glans coverage when sitting down, which goes away after standing up.

      Also can relate to your keeping glans coverage with a jock strap or thong, altho in my case all I use us just tight brief underwear, and, the coverage generally does last.

      And, about tugging, then stopping tugging, and starting back, I can also relate to very much.

      All I can say to my fellow tuggers,is Never Give Up, and keep at it, and hopefully you'll eventually find just what will work for your own unique and individual situation.


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        Welcome back! Sounds normal to me, and is my experience as well.



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          For the past 2 months, I've just been "packing" (not tugging) and seem to be making some progress doing this.

          I can wear a cone w/a packer tip only while sleeping and it will stay on and give me a painless stretch when I get a nocturnal erection (which is usually every night). During waking hours, I've been using the tip w/1" of spacers, which gives me as good a stretch as I'd get tugging. I prefer this method because it is more comfortable and convenient than strapping up during the day and that is ineffective at night.

          No real "measurable" difference yet but retained coverage is better than before. Assume if I keep this up, I'll eventually get the additional skin growth that I need for full coverage eventually.

          We'll see . . .


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            I have never used straps to tug, just an insert, perhaps similar to what you call a packer, or, more recently, inflation. And that has worked well for me, so I expect you will find success. The key for me was to find the optimal tension to trigger skin growth. A little less and my progress fell way off. YMMV.