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  • New questions regarding my results tugging

    I've been using the TLC-X strapless for about 6 months now, and with promising results. However, I've noticed that my cut is significantly uneven, I have way more slack on the bottom where my frenulum is/was, or at least way more inner skin. I'm wondering if there is a way I can wear the device or some thing I can do to correct it, or if its even a problem. I also notice that if I roll my skin all the way over my glans, my scar is only halfway up the skin-tube I've created (skin-tube, lol..). I'm wondering if I should do something to try to grow more inner skin, or if it will fix itself. Basically my cut is uneven towards the frenulum and the border between inner and outer skin is too low, and I wanna figure out if this is normal and if I can fix it. Sorry if this post is confusing, I wish I could provide pictures.

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    No worries, I think I understand you enough to answer. Many men have some unevenness. And many men find that the unevenness goes away over time, to some extent. The thing you need to think about is how much the unevenness bothers you, or how much you feel it is something to try and correct. I will note that due to the shape of the glans, how the skin drapes, and other factors, even intact men often have some unevenness. You have some broad choices.

    You can wait and see how it goes for now. This is a slow process, so it is easy to make adjustments later.

    You can start adding another method into your tugging routine to help adjust things. Manual is the go to method for making things more even as it allows precise applications of tension to specific parts of the skin. It costs nothing, and can be incorporated at odd moments during the day.

    You can switch to another method that may give you some more control over where tension gets applied. Tape methods are the typical go to method for this.

    You can also simply try adjusting exactly how your skin is trapped in the gripper, to try and compensate for the unevenness.

    I chose a tape method myself, not so much for unevenness as to help me grow inner skin. that worked well, but I found that both skin types grew. My slight unevenness I decided to wait until I was close to finishing before worrying about it, and I have to say it either was reduced without me really doing anything, or, as time went on, the unevenness became "lost" in the additional new skin, so I do not really notice it anymore.



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      I would supplement with manual and target the short part whenever you can. If its drastically uneven cease device use and concentrate with manual until it's evened up.