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  • New TLC-X user

    Just got my TLC-x and found i was able to put it on fairly easy by day 2 - was concerned I did not have enough skin being a C2 when i started a few weeks ago doing manual methods only, now easily a C-3.

    My one question is should I "feel" anything while its on using just the rod, no additional weights, bands, or other tension outside of the rod?

    I've currently got it on, but it feels like nothing except that its on, but wondering if thats exactly how it should be with gentle tension compared to manual methods.

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    The TLC-X needs a tugging strap or weight to tension the outer skin. Just using the pusher will tension everything on the inside of the device. Be careful with the amount of tension on the pusher, you can easily injure yourself with minor skin tears or abrasions if you use too much and you won't feel it until it's too late. Start low and work up to it. Your skin needs to get used to being under tension. Take it off after about an hour and check things out. I suggest not wearing it for more than an hour at a time anyway. With tension, you want to go to the elastic limit of your skin plus a little more, but no pain. Pain is the indicator that your using too much. Also, coat the part of the pusher that contacts your glans with a light coat of beeswax lipbalm. This will keep it from sticking.


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      Thanks for the tips! Sounds like i shouldn't feel too much with it just on.


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        You can try setting it up with the rubber bands, but I would suggest some heavier duty ones. The ones that come with it are a bit too light. Check out the ones that come with the DTR. They are much better.


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          also it sounds like the rubberband tension is only really working the inner foreskin?? or does it also work outer?


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            Nope. You need an elastic strap or weight to work the outer.