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Focusing tension on the upper side

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  • Focusing tension on the upper side

    I just started using the TLC-X as my current restoration method, and I was just wondering if it is possible to focus the tension on the skin of the upper side of the penis. Correct me if I am wrong, after studying pictures of various intact penises, I think that the foreskin on the upper side of the penis tend to bundle up a lot more than the bottom side. Sometimes, the bottom side does not even bundle at all. From this, it might be concluded that the upper side of the penis probably had much more skin than the underside. Those gifs that show how the foreskin rolls back also possibly confirms this observation. As I am quite particular about the aesthetic after my restoration is complete, I wonder if one can adjust the TLC-X in ways that would put more tension on the skin of the upper side relative to the under side.

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    Don't worry about that. If anything you need to give the UNDERSIDE more attention because as you apply tension to your device, the scrotum rises up with the shaft skin resulting in LESS tension than the top side gets. For now just grow skin and see how it progresses. If you need to later on you can target areas of uneven growth with manual methods. This process takes YEARS so you have plenty of time to make adjustments.


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      Thanks for the replies! Yes, I think I forgot about the scrotal skin. Since I aim to position the circumcision scar at the tip, that would mean stretching the inner skin on the upper side more, and the outer skin of the underside more. I know I might be overthinking, but since I am putting so much effort into it, might as well do the best job possible. Will see how it goes then.


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        When it's all said and done, "ideally" you want your scar line just INSIDE a bit. maybe 1/4". Conversely, if you grow a lot of outer skin first, you can position your scar line on the inside of the device so that it's NOT trapped by the device and receives tension. Over time it will dissipate and fade away and you'll hardly be able to see it and you'll be growing inner skin as well. KOT!


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          By pulling more top skin onto the tugger when applying it, you can increase the tension on the top side relative to the bottom, which could allow you to balance things out a bit. I typically don’t target specific regions with the TLC-X and try to tug fairly evenly, as uneven tension combined with walking results in the device slipping off more easily and can also apply some uncomfortable pressure on my glans.

          I was lucky enough to start with fairly even skin on all sides, but during manual sessions I focus a bit more on the right side inner skin, as there a bit more got removed than on the left side. I’m slowly noticing progress on the inner skin now, and I really need more of that, so I try to focus on that with the TLC-X pusher and manual sessions. Don’t overthink it, things will work out in the end and there’s plenty of time to tweak things along the way.
          There’s no better feeling in the world than the warm embrace of your foreskin, so KOT!

          Progress gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...s-report-tlc-x