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    So I just got my TLC-X and started using it yesterday. I have a decent amount of foreskin left, especially on the bottom side. I could cover the entire cone, and then with the retainer on about 75%. The question is that when I got up this morning I definitely feel like the tip of my glans is a little sore, I assume from the pressure of the pusher. Is this typical? I don't really see any bruising but there is a nominal dull ache. I probably went a little heavy for the first day but just wanted to get thoughts on this. Thanks for your help.

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    Try coating the pusher with some lip balm. Use a beeswax based one without any crazy flavoring, especially peppermint! Burts Bees Honey is what I use. And dont over do it with the pusher. You can cause minor skin tears and abrasions.