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over the shoulder tugging tlc-x

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  • over the shoulder tugging tlc-x

    so fairly new to restoration and i just had a question to see if this was normal or not. At night when i try to tug ill end up with an erection at some point in the middle of the night. It eventually gets to the point to where i have to take the device off because it is just so uncomfortable. Did i purchase the wrong size for my your skin cone or is it because i just don't have enough skin yet. I'm around a ci2 so im not sure if that matters or not.

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    Do not tug at night until you can comfortably wear the TLC-X in your tugging configuration with a full erection. This will require something above 100% Forced Erect Coverage. My advice is to stick with daytime tugging.
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      You can perhaps wear the retaining cone alone in bed until you have enough slack to wear a tugging device while erect.
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        Yes, night time device use while sleeping can be dangerous. Wait until you have more skin.