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  • Starting TLC - Skin Peeling

    Hi everyone,
    For a long time I thought my "situation" was definitive. I finally found out what the TLC is and the possibilites it brings.
    So i decided to start my journey with TLC.
    I started one week and a half ago and have some questions.

    First of all it seems that the rod of the TLC is moving (i didn't tried with elastics before today). I mean when I push the rod and lock the metalic Wheel, the rod is stucked in this position. After 3-4 hours when i need to pee I noticed that the rod just went back and the Wheel is still lock. Is that a normal thing?

    Another question : Is that normal that I'm peeling on the corpse of penis and the glan? I tugger about 8-10 hour a day and keep the silicon Cone alone at night. When I remove the cone or TLC everything is normal but if toilet paper or my underwear scrub on it, it starts peeling and that seems a little weird... And the peeling is not located on a point, its everywhere on glan and a little bit less on higher part of corpse.

    I'm up to any advice .


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    That is the start of de keratinization. Usually it doesn't start that soon. Everything from your scar line up, including the glans, is mucous membrane, not skin, and it should be as soft and supple as your lips. Exposing that tissue to air permanently dries it out, it gets chapped and your bodyproduces a protein called keratin to protect that tissue. Keratin is the same protein your hair and fingernails are made of. As far as the rod losing tension, yes that's normal. Your size was probably squished smaller by the pusher AND your skin has stretched. Just take a break for an hour or so and put it back on. Short breaks in between tugging sessions are a good thing.


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      Thanks for your complete answer ! I'll make some pauses between two sessions as you advice. It seems that the rod's losing tension has been solved by the elastics. Anyway thanks again and have a nice day.


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        Originally posted by Keedä View Post
        the rod of the {TLC-X} is moving
        Here's a discussion of how to make it easier to tighten it sufficiently: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...?p=929#post929 And if you overdo it and want to revert: https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...=8279#post8279

        Originally posted by Keedä View Post
        normal that I'm peeling
        You will see peeling at various times. When we tug and the skin starts expanding the outermost layer of cells is flattened dried-out skin cells near their end of life. They don't grow when the skin expands, they can only slough off. So we'll see waves of skin shedding and it may feel itchy at these times.
        -Ron Low
        847 414-1692 Chicago


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          Thanks for your answer Ron


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            What a relief! I'm in my third month and I've spent the last 2 weeks shedding like a snake!