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TLC Tugger email blast 2018-12-18

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  • greg_b
    Thanks for the updates, I think your website is much improved!


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  • admin
    started a topic TLC Tugger email blast 2018-12-18

    TLC Tugger email blast 2018-12-18

    TLC Tugger News
    So much news this week it seemed time to send out a rare brief update:

    1) The award-winning documentary American Circumcision is now AVAILABLE ON NETFLIX I was proud to be interviewed for this high quality film. It's presented impartially, but with circumcision the more you know the worse it looks. (Outside the US you may need to view on Vimeo: for $5.) I'm confident you will be glad you watched and recommended this informative movie.

    2) TLC Tugger has a new web site. If you haven't been to lately, I hope you'll check us out. You'll like the streamlined layout, and features like the Media Gallery where you can view our Howard Stern TV appearance. There are instant downloadable gift certificates, and visitors can leave helpful reviews for products they've used. I think we finally have a site you'll be proud to show your friends.

    3) We're adding more demos soon. Follow TLCTugger on Twitter with mobile notifications set to ON to get alerts when those videos are posted. We only send a few notes per month so you won't be buried.

    4) We're rolling out new products. You'll want to be the first to know about the SimpleAir, the new Leg Brace, and new TLC Danglers (weights designed to make tugging in bed more robust). Again, Twitter will be your clarion for new product debuts.

    5) The free online USER FORUM is all new also. Visit us at to get questions answered and share progress galleries.

    6) We're busy sponsoring Intactivist demonstrations. We even have one this Thursday evening at the historic Chicago Theatre we'd love to have your help educating comedian Amy Schumer's audience about the value of normal intact genitals and the right of all children to be left intact. Call me if you can't find us 847 414-1692 We will sometimes send a notice to TLC clients in the vicinity of such an action, and you can opt out of those notes any time.

    Thanks for your time.