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I am trying to restore, What is my CI? How long should it take to restore?

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  • I am trying to restore, What is my CI? How long should it take to restore?

    I am currently trying to restore, I purchased the TLC-X and used it for almost the entire month of February for almost 8 hours a day and then stopped. Im curious though, what is my current CI, and since my circumcision scar is a little uneven do I need to modify how I use the device to better use it for even skin development, and then finally, if I were to use the TLC-X everyday (or as close to to everyday as possible) how long will it take to get full flaccid coverage? how long will it take to start developing skin at all? I did notice a slight difference and wrinkles after using the device before but then it felt like it became harder to use the device after I stopped? How long do I need to use it before I really start to see skin?

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    It is going to take at least 2 months for the skin to stretch to it length with consistent tugging of 8-10 hours a day to get the skin to its maximum stretched length, once you get to that point then only will your skin start to grown (Mitosis). As far as time to get your glans covered that is all based on your DNA and how fast your body will grow skin, some guys grow 1mm a month, some grow 6mm others may be more or somewhere in between. I can tell you that this is a journey not a race but the important thing is consistency if your want to restore, it takes time. I am not a person who gets into the CI measurements as they really don't mean much, what matters is setting an end goal than keeping track of your progress thru photos and logging your progress monthly, like measuring your FEC this is what shows your your progress and encourages you that some thing is happening. Once you start to grow skin you will notice small wrinkles which will eventually grow into large wrinkles and than at last one day you will have flaccid coverage.
    I would just tug away and not be concerned about the uneven scar at this time, once you grow quite a bit of outer skin than you can start to modify how you're tugging to get the scar straightened out.
    Attached is a spreadsheet that Found to be very use full for documenting your progress, use as much of the different logs as you like, I only use two different ones, but they are very helpful.
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      Some dedicated guys get it done in 48 months, others …anywhere from 6-7 or 20 or more years. Like Gundig wrote, it’s a journey, not a race.