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Are my wrinkles developing well?

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  • Are my wrinkles developing well?

    I have been using the tlc-x inconsistently for a little over a month, I used it for a few weeks consecutively, and then recently for as much as I can here and there. I noticed that I’m starting to develop wrinkles, is this how they are supposed to look? They seem to be much greater on the left side and uneven underneath, how can I fix that? Can you tell me what my current stats are? How much time before I have flaccid coverage, even partially?

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    Depending on how much slack you had when you started, the wrinkles look to be developing nicely. Not many circumcisions are perfectly even all the way round and that can lead to more skin on the left or right side of your penis. The unevenness of the underside is also normal as there is usually some remnant of the frenular structues remaining. This is all normal for restorers and at this stage you need do nothing but tug. Much of what you see will even out normally as you develop your skin tube. Keep taking the pictures and you will have a visual record of your progress which is invaluable.


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      The wrinkles are your new foreskin growing. Keep repeating the same photos so you may compare this month over month. Your glans will begin to become sensitive and shiny. You will be very grateful for your decision to restore your foreskin. It has been very beneficial to me and grateful my body is whole.
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        Without "before" pics, no one can say for certain that anything is developing, except you.
        Like WoodyHoody said "at this stage, you need do nothing but tug". As for your last two questions, I'm not certain what "stats" you're referring to. If you're referring to the Coverage Index 1-10 scale, you would be a CI-2...possibly CI-3. Hard to tell.
        As for coverage, that depends entirely upon you and your FR routine (along with a myriad of other factors: age, diet, etc.). If you're diligent, and don't take breaks and such, then you will see faster growth. If you take time off, or don't put in many hours per day, you'll get slower results. So, it's all up to you. Just make sure you don't use too much tension...if there's pain, something is wrong.

        Hope I was able to help you, in some way. Good luck with your restoration!