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    Ron worked out how to make the simple air work. Got my update today and it works great. Get one!!!

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    Originally posted by Gramps View Post
    Ron worked out how to make the simple air work. Got my update today and it works great. Get one!!!
    I will be tracking down the guys who were trying the SimpleAir and getting them a retro-fit.
    -Ron Low
    [email protected]
    847 414-1692 Chicago


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      Some further thoughts for the Simple Air. The first time I put it on it worked great and i was very satisfied with it. Since then I have had trouble getting it to work. I was so frustrated with it that I had decided to just forget its use. So I've done some experimentation. This is what works for me.
      Put on the white cone with the valve installed pushed all the way in.
      Next put on your personal clear cone.
      Turn the new clear cone inside out and push it all the way down to the end of the valve.
      This seems to be crucial, when you turn it back right side out you must make the very end turns as well. If this last bit doesn't turn back right side out then it leaks.
      Seems for me this last bit is what actually seals the end from leaking and the larger clear cone holds your personal cone in place.
      The only other thing is that I searched for something to seal the urethra, some suggest a small patch of plastic wrap. I tried bandaids, surgical tape, and many other tapes. These tapes seemed to leak to some degree. I decided to search for some kind of tape that would seal but not leak. This may sound silly but guess what, a very small piece of duct tape works well. The only problem I see is that it can leave a tape residue on ya sometimes so keep the piece small to avoid that.
      The other issue that i have is that im older and drink alot of water. So i have to go urinate a lot so this process of taking SA off and back on is problematic.
      The simple air works well for me under shorts around the house rather than the comfort strap.


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        Ron, could you post an application video for the SA?