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Can't wear retaining cone during the day and other issues

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  • Can't wear retaining cone during the day and other issues

    I bought the TLC-X and a retaining cone a few months ago. I started to wear the TLC-X during the night and the retaining cone during the day.
    During the night I found sleeping with the TLC-X attached to the strap very uncomfortable unfortunately. I reduced the discomfort by reducing the tension on the strap.
    The main issue was wearing the retaining cone during the day. I am an engineer and while working on machines, on the floor doing electrical work, the cone would just detach. I would then have to go to the toilets to remove it fully.
    I also work in an office and if I wear a trouser you can see the edge of the cone pushing through my clothes. Also, when you go to the toilets it's quite a pain to have to take it off then put it back as your hands may not be clean (contact with the door handle).
    For these reasons I had to stop wearing the cone during day time and I also stopped wearing the TLC-X at night as I was a bit discouraged.

    I am going to try again wearing the TLC-X at night but for the day I'm not sure I can wear the cone.
    I would really need some tips here.


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    Personally I don't wear the tugger at night or during the day. Just wearing it in the evening for a few hours and I've been getting foreskin growth. Maybe not as fast as others, but I'm happy with my progress and I know I'm in for the long haul. Weekends I also wear it during the day when I can and at home, so far never when I leave the house.

    I haven't even used the strap, just lock in the tension on the push rod.
    For during the day and working you could also try the DTR device, which also has a tension rod, not very noticeable and stays on. Although it is supposed to be a one size fits all, I find that after a few hours it starts to get uncomfortable pushing on the glans because the device is smaller than my glans. But works ok if I use it for a couple of hours then a break for an hour or two, etc.

    Anyway, like yourself I have found wearing the devices doing day to day activities to be a little cumbersome. The other option is to during the day during toilet breaks is to use the manual technique for a few minutes. In the cubicle no one will know.

    I use the TLX when doing passive activities, e.g. watching TV, or working at the computer, etc. and the DTR when I'm doing some that requires me to move about, e.g. painting or working in the workshop.


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      Originally posted by Jonathan Kut View Post
      while working on machines, on the floor doing electrical work, the cone would just detach.
      Maybe adding AdhesiMed would put you over the top as far as the grippiness needed. You could also investigate whether your undergarments are optimal. There were certain brands of briefs (including Jockey Y-fly style) that I found would knock the retaining cone loose quickly. And of course loose pants are important.
      -Ron Low
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        I bought some medical tape from amazon to keep my cone on when I'm not tugging. Comes off easy enough and holds the cone in place when I'm just wearing the cone. I put the tape all the way around the base of it, half on my shaft and half on the plastic.


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          For me, the DTR retainer (the one without the push rod) works better when I’m not tugging and it can’t be seen through most clothing as long as I wear briefs and not boxers. Here’s a photo of mine to give you an example.
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