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Is tugging 18 hours a day too much?

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  • Is tugging 18 hours a day too much?

    So I tug/pull skin tight throughout the day for 8 hours split up into two sessions. I work out around noon, so it comes off for 2 hours. Also allows for me to dry off all the precum that effect tugger gripping the inner skin.

    Then I tug/skin a bit slack for 8 hours at night in a single session. If a tug harder at night is usually pops off because of tons of precum. Grandma sloppy kiss sound, lol.

    Do anyone else tug 18 hours. Any 24 hour tuggers out there.
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    I wore my tugger to high school and sleep at night (with my penis pointed towards my chest for an erection). I tugged 16 hours+ and got good results. Just remember gentle pressure will cause the new skin growth.

    I honestly don't think you need to be tugging constantly. Try to listen to your body is growing your foreskin back. If you are good at pattern recognition you will see what is optimized.

    I have one other tip. I eventually told a few male friends what I was doing. When I related this to a woman's belly growing during pregnancy all of the sudden it became viable to my friends that I would have a foreskin.

    If you have a lot of scar tissue from the circumcision using a glans vibrator (like Cobra Libre) will break down the scar tissue and cause it to be gone after several months.

    I would tend to say when this has become as mundane as brushing your teeth you are doing it right. If I was to do this again I would take the same picture of my penis every 6 weeks to compare progress. I am not telling you to put your pictures online. I know this is very personal. But as a point of comparison.

    There was a lot of pubic hair forced onto the shaft of my penis from being circumcised so tight. (As in at the onset of puberty erections were forcing my testicles into my body and were so painful which is why at age 14 I went online and typed in "foreskin restoration".) There were times when my foreskin restoration caused my scrotum to grow. Other times it was obvious a new foreskin was growing.

    I'm presently using Sizegenetics (penis traction) to lengthen my penis. It is helping the last bit of pubic hair get off my shaft as my scrotum finishes settling into place for how it would have been if I wasn't circumcised at birth. This is actually very comfortable to wear. It is push against the sensitive portion of my glans. The only down side is that I need to remove it every 10 minutes or so to let the blood flow naturally. I have an infrared thermometer to check the temperature of my penis. i honestly wish there was a group of intact males using the Sizegenetics I could talk to while doing this.
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      How do you add the progress report at the bottom of the post like I see people have. Also like you.

      I only been getting erection towards the end of the month because a do a monthly transfusion that the side effect is low libido and ED. I finally got a full erection yesterday for the first time in 3 months but I have to get the transfusion done on Monday. Atleast I can tug without any worry about erections.
      Which are all before pictures.
      "It'll only be half the calories..."
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        To me, personally, 18 hours is too much. The time you give your body to rest, and recover, is important.
        If you are medically unable to get an erection, it's still probably not a good idea to sleep and tug (lol). All it takes is that one time you roll over wrong, and you could be looking at a skin tear.
        Trust me, no one sympathizes more with the desire to expedite results (I've spent my entire restoration trying to find/create ways to speed things along), but you gotta be patient. You might get quicker results with that number of hours--emphasis on "might"--but the risk of injury is too high, in my opinion. If you're using any decent amount of pressure, you're placing sensitive parts of your body under a pretty large strain for all of those hours. A break every 8 hours doesn't quite cut it.
        Just my two cents; I'm sure others will have theirs.


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          My doctor believes that testosterone is an immunosuppressant and the reason my body is fighting the other drug treatment I'm on is because of elevated T. Which I only have one organ that produce it now so I don't understand how.

          So I'm on this testosterone inhibitor which makes me feel like I have no energy and tired all the but overall I actually feel better and it has lowered my whiteblood cell count and I get less sick in general.

          Today I started the next round so no morning wood for a while or any erection. At least my breast aren't increasing. I won't look good as a transmission that's for damn sure.
          "It'll only be half the calories..."
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            Originally posted by Diesel_George View Post
            How do you add the progress report at the bottom of the post like I see people have.
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            From the vBulletin Help Screens (I clicked on the word help at the bottom of this page):

            How do I edit my signature?

            You can set and change your signature by going to your username in the upper right corner > click to get the drop down > select User Settings. On that page, select the Account tab and then go down to the area that says "Conversation Detail Options". On the right side, you will see the option "Edit Post Signature". If you click that link, you will get a popup editor that will allow you to enter/edit your signature.
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            So you'd first have to navigate to your own Progress Gallery and copy the URL from the browser so you could paste it while editing your signature as outlined above.
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