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TLC Tugger Slipping Off

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  • TLC Tugger Slipping Off

    So I've had the TLC Tugger for a couple of weeks now, but I'm not able to wear it in public because it likes to come off really easily. I dont have much foreskin left so there's not a lot to stretch but I'm able to cover a little less than half of the cone with my skin, dont know if that helps (I'm at ci 0 or 1). Also wondering if maybe my cone is too big?? Anyone have any hacks for this?

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    The best I can offer is to suggest giving yourself, and the gripping cup, a thorough cleaning, before you put it on (repeat as needed).
    I can't rule out whether there's a sizing issue, that one is pretty much up to you, but skin oil can cause devices to lose their grip. Especially in the early stages, there isn't much for the device to grip, so it's best to ensure that both surfaces are oil-free.
    Personally, I used 90% Isopropyl alcohol on myself and the gripping cup, then gave the cup an ultra-light dusting with some baby powder, once it was dry.

    Hope that helps you.


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      Thanks, I think the baby powder might help to keep things together, though I'm wondering if I should use some medical tape as well but dunno as to where to put it (inside the retainer cone, outside on shaft, etc)


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        If you have only had the TLC Tugger for a couple of weeks, give it a bit more time, I would say 2 months or so of continuous use.

        Seeing as how this is new for you, as it was for me, you learn something each time you apply, and then it gets down to a science.

        The cleaning thoroughly before each use is a good recommendation from TheMetalOne is spot on, although you just want to clean the shaft skin as this is what you are trying to grab with the TLC.

        This is what I did when I first got my TLC and it has worked well, and from what you say CI 0 - 1 That is where I was before I got some skin to work with.

        Hope this helps,

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          Forgot to explain that after about a month of using any device where you are attempting to bring shaft skin up to be held, like the TLC, you will find that the skin gets more pliable so it seems you have "more skin" but it is just becoming easier to maneuver to where you need it.

          That is the main reason for waiting a bit (2 months or so)

          My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...tle-s-progress


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            I started using the TLC Tugger last May. It used to slip off regularly for me, too, initially (I started at CI 1). It may have taken, I am guessing, six to eight weeks before it would reliably stay on. In the first two months, I also got some microtears on my skin that healed in a few days. I use the Tugger while I sleep, with the strap going around the back of my neck. I attach one clip to the Tugger, loop the strap up my front and around the back of my neck, then down the otherside. I then attach the free clip to the strap, on my abdomen. What made a big difference for me, in getting as much shaft skin as possible under the retaining cone, was flipping the lower edge of the retaining cone up (Ron described it as looking like a sombrero, ha, ha). With that technique, when I placed the 'sombrero' over the retaining clip and white Tugger body, I was able to quickly flip the sombrero brim down, capturing more skin and more easily than I did before. I am on the cusp of CI 4, having used the Tugger every night while I sleep, with use during the day only occasionally. Best wishes on your restoration!


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              Try blotting the adhesive from tape meant for skin contact, on to the inner surface of the cone; this worked for me.


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                This is all super helpful, thanks. That sombrero trick Is ingenious and I'm definitely trying that the next time I wear my tugger . I have noticed that my dick is looking essentially more wrinkly haha, so I'm assuming that is the skin getting used to being pulled and all, which is great! I also purchased a dtr from ebay for like 20 bucks which works great and stretches well but if you move around or wear clothing with it, it will come off so I'm trying to use a combo of the two, with hopefully the tugger being more suited for every day use.


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                  a dab of Adhesi-Med adhesive (designed for use with restoration) will definitely help keep devices on.

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