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    Hi everybody,
    I am beginner and i wanna restore my foreskin. I dont have enough info about that. Methodes, products... I circumcised when i am 8 years old and i guess i am CI1-CI2, but not sure. Therefore i also added my penis’s soft and hard moods.
    I wanna ask you guys, which methode and device/product will be best for me ? I trust your experience. Could you please help me? Many many thanks in advance..
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    Here is a good starting point:

    Think about what you want at the end. Start tugging, all the methods work, pick one that you are comfortable with to start. The go to methods for just starting out are cross taping and manual. Easy to do, less risk of injury. Go from there.



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      Hey there,

      I’m just looking into forskin restoration myself and found to be a great place to look into. I’m still figuring out what product to get and the size of my head put an both nervous and excited. For me this is a huge mental journey because of time time and commitment it will take. Once I figure out this message board I hope to have a group of men to talk about what we all are going through. Didn’t know there was so many of us in the same position.


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        Don't worry about the time, it takes as long as it takes.

        At least for me there is no mental component to it, it's something I want to happen so I do it. No different than anything else, once you put your mind to it it just becomes second nature.


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          guys thanks a lot to all of you i hope i have a foreskin one day and i share this happiness with you