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    Well, picking things back up on 4/13 after not working on restoring for about 5 years, I've found the tugging with the TLC-X seeming to bring me from maybe a weak CI-3 to a strong CI-3. After a week and a half, the skin is becoming stretchy again, and I am starting to be able to 95% cover the head with skin while I have the Your Skin cone on, which is a step up from when I started up again last week with it only covering about 60%-70%. I've found that tugging during the day and retaining in the evenings and overnight has allowed me to work on stretching while still giving things time to heal up. I'm not planning on posting photos simply due to personal comfort levels, but I am glad I'm getting back to progress again without too much trouble.

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    Today, I found that the weekend recovery had been quite generous to give me a great start to the tugging week. I was able to tug a lot more skin at once using the spacer disks... even more than last week. At the end of the work day, I noticed a very clearly-defined new stretch mark. The skin now regularly kisses the corona when soft as natural moisture increases and acts as a minor adhesive.


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      That's awesome. Glad you are taking up the restoration journey once again - keep at it!


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          Thanks for posting your renewed restoration approach, I’m in a similar position, restarting after a couple of years break. I’m hoping to get flaccid cover over the next few months.