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Deep Pusher vs. Spacers with TLC-X

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  • Deep Pusher vs. Spacers with TLC-X

    Hi. It seems like a deep pusher or spacer(s) would accomplish the same thing. Is there any advantage or draw back to one over the other?

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    I have found it more comfortable and can wear it longer with the spacers. Not sure if one is more effective over the other. I seem to remember somebody posted something about it a while back and said one focused on more inner skin or outer skin , can't remember which though.


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      From what I can tell the difference is with a deep pusher one can use the short rod as the cone to pusher travel is the sane but with the spacers one would have to use a longer rod as the spacers push things further down to gain the added distance from the cone to the pusher. As far as use I don't see a difference.


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        Longer Pushers can be made a bit deeper for perhaps increased comfort in some cases.

        To me, the point with either longer Pushers or added spacers is to shift where along the skin tube the skin gets gripped by the device. I'd like to wear a constant part of my skin tube comfortably always at the skinniest part of the device.

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          Thanks for the explanations.