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Measuring progress via CI scale correctly, not sure if CI-3 or CI-5

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  • Measuring progress via CI scale correctly, not sure if CI-3 or CI-5

    Hello, there has been something I've been wondering about lately. I've been using TLC-X tugger for a little over 8 months now, and it does appear I have grown some skin. I can definitely feel it when I manually pull as well, I don't think I've had that much skin before. But here is what's interesting - right after I take my device off it appears that I'm about CI-5 on the scale, but when waking up in the morning after erection it looks more like CI-3, OR after tugging the same day if I had erection and then flaccid again it looks more like CI-3 too, the skin keeps rolling back up even though clearly there is more skin because I can feel it same way when I pull on it with fingers. The skin does appear to stay rolled over when I wake up the next day if no erection occurred (months ago when I had less skin I would wake up with skin rolled back even without erection, but now it's not the case).
    However even when flaccid after an erection, all I have to do is push my penis head a little inside again, and pull up my skin around it and it looks like CI-5 again and doesn't roll back again the whole day, and I can walk around like that comfortably. So, given these facts what would you say is an accurate representation of my measurement? I think there is some progress, would you agree? I'm just not sure if I need 1 inch of new skin, or maybe just a little over half an inch to look natural. I would really appreciate your insight on this. Thank you.

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    We lost about half the skin on our penis when we were circumcised. for me, that is around 2 inches in length, when seen flaccid, I would estimate. Currently, it looks to me like I need around another 1/2 inch to stay covered all the time, and I would say I have grown about 1 to 1.5 inches, as you look at me flaccid.

    I never found I was able to put myself in a single CI scale category. I think it is useful for generally getting an idea of how you are relative to someone else in terms of coverage, but only in the sense that I may be CI 3-4, while that other person may be CI 5-6. I found that looking at myself, multiple times a week, while flaccid, allowed me to judge coverage changes better, more precisely, than trying to use the CI scale for measuring progress.

    If you find that, on average, over multiple observations, it looks like you have gained some more coverage, then I would say that is a good comparison and you have made progress. Especially if that is over a month or so, and you have been tugging regularly. Shorter time periods, especially when you first get started, or are re-starting, or if you make a significant change in your method, could be temporary loosening of the skin, and may be just temporary increases due to relaxing of the skin. From what you have said, it sounds to me like you have made progress. Keep on tugging!

    Hope that helps.


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      The CI scale has been known for some time now to be flawed. The flaccid penis, and its skin coverage, changes size throughout the day due to various factors (urine, blood flow, posture, etc.). In particular many people may have to identify as a CI-3.5 due to there not being a proper rollover stage on this scale. If you must use it you will have to try to get an average length from various times. Alternatively, you can use the RCI or FEC scales. RCI will give you your stage based on a description of how the skin functions in a given stage, such as the rollover stage, while FEC will give you a quantitative measurement.


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        Thank you for the information guys. It seems like even forced erect coverage is not fully accurate because in my case for example when erect I can pull the skin over the glands completely (like when tugging manually) but at the same time penis itself gets pushed down a little. Does that count? Or when pushing the penis down slightly when pulling the skin up doesn't give the actual representation? I'm just trying to judge my own progress to see how much skin I have actually grown and if I should be excited about it or disappointed given that it's only been 8 months. Another example is that I've been using 4.5 inch rod and when slightly erect I can push the rod pretty much all the way down to the collet and tug, but when flaccid I can't push it all the way down, around 1/4 inch from the collet I start to feel pain. Could it be because the pusher of the TLC-X grabs different part of the skin when flaccid? Maybe Ron Low can also give some insight on this as well, I would really appreciate it.