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  • Tlc-x restoring question...

    Hello everyone,
    I had a question for my fellow restorers.
    I have been using the TLCX for a few months now. I see very slight results (without being to graphic) when my penis is at its smallest state, like when it is cold where I am at. The past 1-2 weeks after just applying the device my penis would get sore just in a short period of time. For the duration of my tugging, I only use the device during the day excluding when I use the bathroom or take a shower. I do not wear the your skin cone or device at night to let my skin rest. And before I go to bed I apply lotion to my penis to prevent the skin from getting raw. To attempt to curb the issue of my penis skin being sore after short amount of tugging that I mentioned. I began to apply lotion every time before applying the device. I noticed not only does it prevent any discomfort, but it allows more displacement of the rod on the device allowing me to push the pusher in deeper. However, the lotion challenges me to get a good grip on the shaft skin, and facilitates the skin to move downward the device and slip.
    I was wondering what does everyone else do while tugging regarding lotion use or not. Also does using lotion prior to applying the device help with tugging or not? Should I be doing it, or does not such a strong grip slow down progress?


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    How much skin do you have? Perhaps you need to use a lot of tension because you do not have much skin to be held in the gripper? Devices like the TLCX need some skin in order to be able to grip the skin reliably.

    As far as lotion, some like to use it, some do not. Since they are basically moisturizers, they do not help with growing skin, as far as triggering the cells to divide and produce more skin, though if they help with comfort and avoiding dryness that would make you pause restoring, they can be helpful. As you point out, they can make the skin slippery, and thus make it more difficult to achieve the tension you want without your skin slipping out of the gripper. Of course some feel that some substances in some lotions or oils may help, I do not have any information that gives me confidence that is true, however, they won't hurt, other than making your skin slippery for the gripper.

    While I have not used lotion, I have used sexual lubricant to prevent abrasions when I was using a silicon insert. That allowed the insert to slide smoothly inside my skin tube.

    My experience is that the amount of tension is they key variable, not time under tension. I would suggest that you do not need lotion to grow skin, except that the lotion makes tugging more comfortable for you. I would suggest that you provide some measurements about your inner and outer skin length, for example, do you currently have any coverage? If so, about how much (20%, 50%, etc) of your glans is covered when you are flaccid? That will help others to give you advice on whether the TLC-X is currently a good option for you. if not, you can always put it on the shelf until you have more skin, and use a different method for right now.

    You also say just a short time, but it would be helpful if you gave us some idea of what that means, 5 minutes, 3 hours, etc.



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      ems1 Did you manage to solve your TLC-X problem? I only ask because I recently bought one and think I am suffering the same thing. I had some skin to begin with, not much, about CI-3, but enough for me to get a good grip with the tugger. However, after about 1 and 1/2 hours I start to feel the friction burn so I take it off and do some short manual tugging with lotion to stimulate some blood flow and moisturise, then I'm usually good to tug again for another 1 and 1/2 hours, and I just repeat this process until I have totalled 8 hours in the day. Try to find a water-based lotion as this will soak into the skin, whereas if you use anything oily it will keep the skin slick and the device will likely slip off; I have actually been using Kiehl's hand cream because I've not bought anything purposely yet but it works really good!