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    A question fellas... I've been trying to get more skin onto my tugger body. It's tricky to figure out because I don't have a lot of slack. I've been able to cover about half of the tugger body for about 5 weeks now. Tonight I forced more skin on the tugger body and covered about 60-65% of it, but there seems to be more of a turkey neck effect now. However, there may have always been a turkey neck effect and I'm just being more observant now. When you guys started with limited slack, was this something you experienced? There isn't any uneven or bunched up skin under the retainer. It all looks good except for the turkey neck effect. Thanks guys

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    Don't worry about it. "Turkey effect" is temporary, not permanent. It lasts only for as long as you put tension on your skin. Your shaft skin is elastic, only loosely attached to the shaft, so when you put forward tension on it, it travels forward, but it doesn't stay there somehow. Just go on tugging, and as you grow additional skin you will begin to see what I mean. A lot of guys have worried about this, and there is absolutely no reason to worry.


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      Yes, Info is right. as you gain skin your turkey neck will recede towards your scrotum where it should be. This is one of the characteristics of being cut too tight. It will resolve itself.


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        Every bit of shaft skin you expand will only decrease the amount of non-shaft skin dragged onto the shaft upon erection.
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