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A little pinchy for now

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  • A little pinchy for now

    It's about two months since I got the tlc tugger. It works great I am just realizing how slow of a process this is. It makes me feel empowered that I have this choice though and I won't give up.

    I think since I have such a small amount of skin to work with it is a little more pressure on the area held by the device so I'm hoping to get some growth to where more skin will be in the devices surface area.(feels like its pinching)

    Another problem is I only wear it at home when I'm not around people. It is limiting but I get Atleast 1-3 hours per day along with some manual tugging.

    I take pictures so maybe at 3 or 4 months I hope to see something change.

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    Oh man I feel your pain! Literally! But unlike you I wear from 7am to 11pm, with breaks for working out/peeing/showering. At night I put it on but by morning it would've slipped off. Only third day in but can see skin being stretchy. I also dry jelq 5 days a week after work. How do you find putting the cone on? I'm struggling to do it easily. Usually skin slips and have to do it multiple times before it sticks. I'm ci2-3.


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      I experienced the pinching in the beginning. I'm now 6.5 months in with a tlc-x and do not have the pinching problem anymore. My first pictures looked a lot like yours, but now the skin covers almost all of the white inner cone. Just keep at it; maybe try to up the hours? I started with only 2 hours a day, but quickly moved to 10-12.


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        I have been slacking. And not in the good way lol I should do 10 hours a day too


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          Thanks for sharing that pic. It lets me know that I can probably go ahead and buy the TLC tugger or one of its variants. I think it would look very similar to that for me too.