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Been restoring for about a month, but experiencing pain whenever I stretch

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  • Been restoring for about a month, but experiencing pain whenever I stretch

    I ordered the TLC tugger a bit over a month ago, and I've been wearing it for about 5 days a week, for about 10 hours a day. Some days I experience no discomfort whatsoever, other days, I get this burning sensation on the inner foreskin that is unbearably painful. This burning sensation happens even if I'm not applying any tension at all. I keep the tension minimal to avoid any pain, since I want to focus on getting used to wearing it daily before I apply heavier tension, but even the slightest tension sometimes hurts.

    I was hoping that you guys could have some tips to stop the pain. Is the tugger too big, or am I using it the wrong way?

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    You might be using it too soon if you don't have enough skin to comfortably wear it (I'd say CI2-3 at least is required). Do you know where you happen to fall on the CI scale? And even if you have enough slack, 10 hours per day right from the start may simply be too much time under tension. I would take a break for a few days or a week...wait for the pain to subside...then do some manual methods for awhile before attempting the device again. Even you have enough skin to comfortably wear a device, it may not have been quite ready for so much stress.

    All the veterans here will be thinking the same, so I'll say it first - never tolerate pain. Some discomfort is expected, as you're tensioning skin. Pain, though, is bad news.


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      I'm about CI-3 when soft. The problem is that the pain usually kicks in about an hour after I wear the device, so I don't think it's caused by me using it for too long. I take it off immediately as soon as I experience any form of pain.


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        The pain is most likely from a wrinkle of skin inside the device. Getting your skin laid out as flat and even as possible is critical. Try this: Before you put the device on, fold the retaining cone back on istelf and stick it in something to hold it that way until you get the tugger body on. I use a 35mm film canister. Once you have the tugger body on, pull your skin up evenly all the way around and hold it there with an "OK" sign type of grip. Now pick up the retaining cone with you finger tips and lower it into position while simultaneously flipping the sides down quickly and removing your other hand. This will give you the extra split second you need to trap more skin. Next just pull out the excess skin trapped under the cone evenly all the way around. You should also get a rubber grommet to stick in there to keep the cone from slipping. See pics.