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  • Spring Tension

    I recently got a TLC-X. I can wear it for eight-plus hours without discomfort, despite having very sensitive skin that hates being tensioned.

    When I checked the tension level being applied, I realised why I could restore for so long - the skin wasn't tensioned very tightly. When I used to restore with a DTR, I had the skin as tight as a drum. Two springs on the TLC-X only seem to provide around half that tension. I really want to use springs as they're compact and convenient, but is that REALLY enough tension?

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    If you use both springs at the same time in the TLC-X the two springs in series have half the tension. So for more tension on your TLC-X with springs use just one of them. If you want to check the tension you can compress the spring on a scale and see how much force its exerting. You need a pound or less and this will be able to induce mitosis it really does not have to be tight as a drum but a number of factors can effect this and its different for different people so you may want to experiment.