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  • Itching?

    It's been about a month now since I got my TLC-X, and I've been using it evenings & nights, usually about 10-12 hrs per day. I'm using the strap over the shoulder method, and during the day I use a skin cone. I've noticed that in the last week or two, especially when I take a shower or for some other reason have no tugging or cone apparatus on, that the skin behind my corona is a bit itchy... the skin that is almost constantly covered and 'inside' skin. I want to believe that it's a side effect of the skin growing, but can't help but wonder if something else is going on... too my tension (I'm not using much IMO), or maybe just irritation from the edges of the pusher, or ??? Any ideas, or is this normal?

    On the 'for sure' positive side, I can already tell that I'm much more sensitive, and the skin is a much healthier pink color!

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    Itching could mean that the surface cells are ready to slough away. That's not bad. It could also mean a bacterial imbalance or any number of bad things. If it was me I would continue to wash the end of the penis with only clear water, and never tolerate dry friction during intimacy. If hurts or starts to look an angry red color I'd see a doctor.
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      I've experienced mild itching after wearing the TLC when I'm working out or engaging in an activity like lawn work, etc, where I was sweating a lot. It resolved quickly after just rinsing the head of my penis with cool water - no further issues.