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Strapped and Center Rod tensioning both at once?

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  • Strapped and Center Rod tensioning both at once?

    I've been restoring seriously for a couple months now with the TLC-X. But after re-watching some of the videos and seeing some people's posts on this forum I've realized that most people seem to decide to go with either strapped tensioning, or using the center rod built into the device. I've actually been doing both at once, hooking the strap under the rod, and I think I've got good results after just a couple months. I thought someone said somewhere on this forum a long time ago that you are supposed to use the rod-based tensioning for the internal skin, and the strap for external skin. Are you not supposed to use them both at once? Is there anything harmful about it or is it just unnecessary? And are the benefits of tugging with a strap that great, because otherwise the rod is far more convenient.

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    Sure, you can do both at once. That's what I do. The most effective way is to use as many different methods and/or devices as possible. Mix it up, put your device on so it grips differently every time, do some manual.....all of the above. Your skin gets used to the same tension over the same spot day in and day out, and it just stops responding. Breaks are also critical. If you seem to have hit a wall, take a few days off. When you resume you'll notice that during your break, you most likely gained some skin as the device will seem easier to put on.


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      Yes, I use both types of tension at the same time (I use the springs with spacers though - not a fixed setting of the pusher). I omit the strap if I need something more convenient. My experience has been the three types of tension I use (see my progress journal - I also use direct inflation) all have a different feeling to them, and I think part of my faster than normal progress can be attributed to mixing up my methods. If it's feasible for you to use the strap, you should. I personally can feel much more of a "tug" from a strap than from using the pusher alone in any configuration.
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