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Experience with TLC and Hyper-Restore, Topical Steroid Cream Skin Thinning -- Advice??

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  • Experience with TLC and Hyper-Restore, Topical Steroid Cream Skin Thinning -- Advice??

    Hello All

    I'm a long time restorer - been at it for 6+ years with breaks in between. I'll keep this brief -- basically I used Tug A Hoy in the beginning, then TLC Tugger, then a couple years ago I found out about Hyper Restore - I decided to give it a try even though the air method looked painful and potentially harmful. I ended up blowing too much air and caused some potential nerve damage/ numbness/ scar tissue in the form of small little white spots on the shaft.

    I went to a Urologist thinking there could be a way to break down the scar tissue. He prescribed me a steroid cream and I applied it liberally for a few weeks. Ever since, the skin on my penis has been thinner than before. The inner mucosal tissue is the part I am most concerned about, as I am aware that a lot of sensation comes from that area. I have considered things like the priapus shot, and am planning on seeing a dermatologist soon. I'm convinced that the thinness is part of the loss of sensation but I wonder if most of the sensation comes from the head. I've been applying Shea butter daily in order to keep the head smooth.

    It's gotten me pretty depressed -- after years of restoring and enjoying the fruits of my labor, I've since lost sensation.. it's not totally numb but it's not as it was before. I've seen a few urologists but basically they know nothing about foreskin restoration so I can very generic advice. I've attached a few pictures -- I would appreciate any advice --- it's been almost two years since the steroid cream use, and I've been told it's possible that the skin will get thicker over time. The uncertainty is bothering me... I keep researching stem cell, different kinds of creams, and I check foregen a lot. I wanted to attach a video to show retracting and back and forth but I was unable.

    Any advice you may have would be very helpful for my state of mind. Thanks.

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    Oh man. What's up now ? Did you get your sensitivity back ?
    What dermatologist say about your skin thickness and its sensitivity ?

    And what the steroid cream it was ? I have thick penis skin what was cuz my circumcision an I'd like make it thinner.

    Personally I think your inner skin look great.

    Did you compare your skin thickness with another uncircumcised penises ?
    Here is an example movement example.gif


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      Hey do you still use this site? I also injured myself using the HyperRestore and am dealing with a large loss of sensitivity in my foreskin. I've been off the device for two weeks and am still dealing with some inflammation and burning sensations around the foreskin. Do you have an update?