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  • Question About Progress Novice TLC Tugger User

    I was hoping to hear from you guys in relation to the two questions/experiences I'm having.

    The first one is in relation to gained sensitivity from using the cone for 24/7 coverage. I have noticed a great increase in sensitivity from doing this but now my penis almost feels so sensitive that having intercourse is slightly painful do to the renewed sensitivity. I feel that this is due to the fact that I haven't yet grown enough foreskin to reclaim the gliding necessary to blunt the friction from the thrusting in and out.

    Lastly, I'm excited to have had 1 experience where a handjob led to an orgasm that involved a reflex from the muscle in the abdomen which I've only experienced from a wet dream. It's only happened once but is this something that is also "normal" or re-gained from restoring?

    Thanks for the inputs.


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    Intact sex seems meant to be slippery. If my partner is super wet on fun thing to do is bunch my skin up with my hand and press that hand against her. Then I penetrate by gliding right through my stationary hand. It has never caused me pain. That's about all I know.

    Regarding new ways of reaching orgasm, I can report that with my present partner I never reached orgasm from oral until after I had restored.
    -Ron Low
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