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    Hi all, Thanks for the support and encouragement about restoration. Really means a lot. A couple of months after having had sex at 18 (Sidenote: I'm 100% straight), had a strip of inner foreskin that lost elasticity, maybe half an inch long. When pulled back, it would slightly strangle my flaccid penis. It was also slightly itchy. I considered it damaged skin, and was very upset about my johnson not being in the perfect state. In the meantime I also became a very devout Catholic, repented from having had unmarried sex and started viewing circumcision as a way of purification. In addition, after some years, some warts appeared also on the inner foreskin. I became very troubled and decided to snip away at age of 23. Doctor made partial circ, C-4. Circ was botched, with a skin bridge, uneven roll-over (longer foreskin on one side). Also, he left me a bump of tucked skin that when pressed would liberate some pus. Pleasure was "ok-ish", but I was very upset. After 8 months, I went to another Doc, the president of the Urology society and asked him to correct the situation. This bastard removed frenulum almost completely and apparently messed up nerve endings close to the frenulum. That area is very keratinized now. He also used intradermal stiches, as opposed to external ones used by doctor # 1. I feel I have lost interest in sex a lot. I feel urges to have orgasms, as if there's some nerve pressing down the pedal to what would lead to an orgasm but in a very lame way, and this happens when I'm flaccid, which is extremely unconfortable. When I'm not feeling that, I feel very desensitized down there. Erections are slightly painful, and seems that only thrusting would do to really feel pleasure. When approaching doc #2 again, he told me I was "fine" and that I should reach for a psychiatrist. Back then, the johnson would feel great all the time. Erections happened really easily and anything related to sex was a joy. Now all that is gone, and I suspect a lot of it has to do with the glans being desensitized. Also jerking off is very sad, there's so little foreskin! I can't reach the top of the glans. Learnings: Do not be perfectionist. I was not fully aware of the risks, and did not anticipate this situation. Do not circ by any means, any further cuts make it worse. Always. If there's 0.00001% chance of catastrophe, do not do it. Your life is at stake. Anyways: After 2.5 years of thinking it was a psychological issue, I have decided to do something about it. RESTORE. Ordered a TLC-X tugger, waiting for it. So: Any feedback you can share on restoration is highly appreciated. No use in crying over spilled milk, or bitching over docs. That belongs to the past. I'm focused on improving my life to a point where life is whole and worth living. Success stories welcome. Do you feel at peace in everyday life? Like PHYSICALLY more confortable? More inclined to anything sex-related? Thank you! Caballo

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    Sorry for your loss. I believe the problem lies on the biased infomation from the media, the medical industry and our deep rooted traditions. If I had ample access to the internet before my teens I would have consulted the internet b4. I was circ'd at 11 yrs old btw. These days I always check the internet in multiple sources for advice before going to any doctor.

    Since restoring I feel better when sexually and metally better. Personally I think restoring is a very mental issue for me as I feel wholer and seeing the scar go away. I cant belive that the first non family member to touch my dick was a man-sicko so called 'doctor'. On top of it cut it!

    Sexually, more slack makes masturbation feel better as it glides to the glans and I dont use lube at all. Just pull down my pants and start yanking. For the benefis in sex with a partner you can go to this website ( It's very informative and teaches the use of the foreskin for both partners

    In the meantime while waiting for your TLC X you may want to do some manual tugging which is very effective.

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      If they fucked it up that bad sue the bastards!