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ComforTug repair and strenthener mod

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  • ComforTug repair and strenthener mod

    I damaged my corforTug as I posted before (https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...mfortug-damage). Looks like some of the elastic threads may have snapped from the sewed part. I consulted with Ron and my comfortug is eligible to the 3 month warranty. So while I was stuck with my damaged comfortug, to prevent the damage further with my damaged one and the on the way new one I bought I thought of this idea.

    I get my 25mm bulldog clip from my old document, then wrapped the damaged part of the comfortug with some extra okay parts and clipped them together. Then I removed the metal handles.

    This will come in handy to make the new and old comfortugs last longer.


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    If I had an old strap that was good except for the webbing near the clip, I would take it to a dry cleaners with a garment repair expert. I'd offer them a couple bucks to cut off the bad part and re-sew the clip. One could also just use a safety pin in lieu of stitching to re-create the seam that holds it together.
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