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    so ive been actively restoring for about two months now. ive been able to go from the default tlc x tugger to the 12mm selects added on. I haven't noticed much of a change regarding skin bunching up while standing even though while sitting i do notice it a lot. Should i really be upgrading as ling as i can get the skin up on the tugger? just seems odd to me that ive progressed that fast without many visual changes from a standing standpoint. ron said the selects may get me through two years but ive already moved to 12mm of the 21 in two months lol.

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    Well as long you feel no pain. If you were cut pretty loose you'll need more of those select spacers.



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      This happened to me initially and I believe it is the skin waking up in preparation for stretching. The connective tissue beneath, skin, cock and balls have been in position for years without constant tension away from the body. Like your first month back working out, the body will do weird things in preparation to take on a new form. Because the skin is stretched things tend to relax that much easier the next time around if given a decent break in between. How often do you tug? What other things do you add to the program? PE work? Manual stretches? Hot baths? Moisturizers containing Shea, jojoba, emulate, or scar repair? Supplements even like biotin or vitamin E? Every little bit counts. And every little bit helps.
      Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!