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TLC-X Collet Seems To Be Weakening...Anything I Can Do?

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  • TLC-X Collet Seems To Be Weakening...Anything I Can Do?

    For the last little while I've noticed that my collet has been weakening a bit resulting in the push rod slipping back up and me getting less bi-directional tension. Just wondering if anyone has done anything specific with the collets to allow it to grip the push rod better?

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    I have been using mine for a year and a half with no slippage. Are you sure the rod is clean?


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      I'd scrub the rod extra well next time I clean the device, thanks for the tip. Hopefully that helps.


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        Just wipe it down with alcohol.


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          I had that problem. When finger tightening is not enough, you can use a pair of pliers to further tighten it.


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            If you think the collet is loosening or has gotten lube on the gripping part, disassemble it and use dish soap (or cycle it through the dishwasher) to clean it.

            You can "adjust" the collet, but I don't recommend it:

            1) IF the collet slides easily onto the blue rod with no resistance then disassemble it.
            2) Add a couple tiny dabs of vaseline (with a toothpick) to the threads of the outer piece.
            3) Get no vaseline on the gripping vanes of the inner piece.
            4) Re-assemble the collet by screwing it back together, JUST to the point where you feel some resistance (the outer part trying to squeeze the 4 gripping vanes.
            5) If it still slides easily onto the rod, then
            6) Use 2 pair of pliers or vice-grips to tighten the collet exactly 3/4 of one turn past the friction point from step 4.
            7) Loosen the collet a couple full turns.
            8) When you poke the collet's vanes onto the blunt end of the blue rod it will now put up a fight, but at the some time it will take less finger strain to tighten it to a solid grip.
            -Ron Low
            847 414-1692 Chicago


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              Thank you for the suggestions everyone, I will tinker with it and see what I can do.


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                Hm... I noticed that my collet was not very tight from the start. I've only had my tlc-x for a few months, but it's always allowed movement of the rod when tightened. I can't tell the difference between the force needed to slide the rod through with the collect open or fully closed. But it doesn't slip while I'm wearing it, so I'm not worried. Should I be?


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                  Originally posted by wildwizard View Post
                  I'm not worried. Should I be?
                  Yes. In about 4 billion years the Sun will swell and fry the earth.

                  But until then it sounds like your Collet is fine.
                  -Ron Low
                  847 414-1692 Chicago


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                    IF the collet gets too tight from the steps outlined previously:
                    - Remove the collet from the Tugger.
                    - Unscrew the two parts from each other.
                    - Place the outer ring (we call it the nut) aside.
                    - Place collet part (the one with 4 gripping vanes that the rod touches) flat on a hard surface.
                    - Force the blunt end of a Rod into the hole in the collet.
                    - While holding the collet down firmly, wiggle the rod a bit in a circular stirring (not twisting) movement.

                    This should loosen the gripping vanes. Take it easy and don't overdo this procedure. You can always repeat it. If you go TOO far and make the collet unworkably loose, repeat the tightening procedure.

                    I find the collet works best when it is snug against the rod - except that it should be possible to slide the rod through it without painful effort.
                    -Ron Low
                    847 414-1692 Chicago