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  • Would love some encouragement

    Hey all,
    The only way I can see succeeding in restoring is if I reach out to others with my hopes and fears.

    I purchased my first TLC in 2016, didn't know what I was doing, didn't put in the time and gave up. I am a month or two into giving it another try. The routine I've come up with is 30 minutes of manual tugging every afternoon, and wearing the TLC at night. This is because I don't have much skin. My skin seems to fold in on itself when I put the tugger on, which doesn't seem right, but I'm hoping the manual tugging will help that along.

    I just want to know if this is gonna work. I miss the penis I never knew and restoring means so much to me.

    Thanks and nice to meet you after lurking for so long.

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    Welcome dude πŸ€—
    You're among a community of friends and support here. πŸ‘
    Experienced guys will help for advice and guidance to get things moving in the right direction for you πŸ†’
    Welcome again πŸ‘


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      You’re in the right spot for help just ask your questions. And like Ben said welcome !


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        id be lying if i said that this isnt a bit of a commitment. Getting started when you are super tight can be really discouraging. You are doing well to do manual tugging. In my opinion thats the most fun type of tugging cause you can change a grip anytime. Dont give up stick with it and consistency will pay off Keep it up man! This group needs ya


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          Welcome onboard. I've also just started my journey with the TLC. I was very tightly cut but 4-5 months of tugging got me some loose skin, enough to use the tugger. Check out my pics for encouragement and why not upload yours to keep track of your progress