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  • Pump up the jam!!!

    With the new site I haven't seen much talk of pumping for the use/benefit of FR. In my brief experience I have used both a dry pump with a brake bleeder gauge, and a Bathmate for wet pumping. As some men have mentioned in the past there is an issue with the expansion of skin outward rather than toward the glans and upward, due to the width of the pump chamber. I'm actually ok with this as it allows my skin to have that much more malleability to work with. If I want to focus the stretch I will utilize thinner cock hole donuts at the opening of the chamber that only allow my glans and the upper half of my shaft into the chamber. I also add a thick cock ring to prevent ball slippage.
    For me it works, and it's kind of fun to do when I have the time.
    What say you?
    Do you pump to restore?
    What's your setup?
    How has your progress been?
    What lessons have you learned?
    Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!

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    I just started pumping but it wasn't as easy as DTR
    But it sure felt great and looked hot too
    Unless you spend huge amounts of time , pumping can add to other methods
    Good luck

    I am checking out pro gear


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      I pump but did not start doing so specifically to restore.

      I started doing it with the thought of penis enlargement. I have been as sporadic at pumping as I was previously was at restoration; I am restoring more religiously now. So, initially the initial results were unclear. However, as with restoration, there has been noticeable growth over time.

      I have been conservative in my pumping efforts and primarily use a 2.00 diameter tube designed/sold by PumpToys specifically for this purpose.

      I have also used larger diameter tubes but the visual effects of using them have been less satisfactory to me (scary, actually) and I do not think they added anything in my efforts at penile enlargement. So, I stopped using most of the larger tubes and the largest size I use now is just a 2.25 diameter tube.

      I use either a manual brass bilge pump or an electric pump that is no longer made (others are available) to create/maintain the vacuum necessary to enlarge the penis safely at a constant pressure in the tube.

      You can find the tubes and other gear here:

      This tube expands the girth of my penis to a circumference of 6 1/4" and a length of 6 1/2" when fully expanded. The tubes are 9" long (and can be purchased longer) for those who can make proper use of them.

      When I started pumping, my erect penis size was only 5.5" w/a circumference of 5.25. Now, after many years (of off and on pumping), it's 6" long w/a circumference of 5.75" erect after the effects of pumping have passed. Not huge gains but enough to make a difference physically and psychologically while masturbating and having sex.

      My GF noticed the change, particularly in girth which she often mentioned when I achieved it. I noticed the minor gain in length more because I could reach her cervix more easily w/the tip of my penis. .

      After reaching the "average" 6 inches in erect length (I had a silly complex about being less than 6"), I'm no longer interested as interested in gaining length as much as I am in gaining girth and in expanding the foreskin that I've since grown to encourage so as to further enhance its growth through tugging.

      I don't do this all the time but when I combine pumping with tugging this is what I do:

      I start pumping in the morning for about an hour when I wake up which engorges and enlarges the length/girth of my penis and the size of the foreskin temporarily to its max dimensions and, after it reduces back to about "normal" size and can fit in the cone again - about 4-6 hours later, I begin tugging and I tug throughout the remainder of the day and overnight. Then, I start the whole process all over again.

      I can tug while I sleep because I have about 1.5" FEC (full erect coverage) and I usually feel no pain or discomfort when I get an nocturnal erection. I've been tugging while sleeping for quite a long time and have had no problems doing it BUT I do NOT recommend that others do this unless they have sufficient FEC to do so. If I do feel any pain/discomfort which wakes me up, I either just detach the tugger or reposition it.

      Anyway, I've been doing this (again, off and on) for the past couple of months and I have noticed more rapid growth of foreskin during this time period. Like pumping alone, the growth is not "remarkable" but it is noticeable. So, I'll continue to do this until I get the full flaccid coverage that I am seeking at CI-8.
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        I do agree that pumping adds minimal change which is hardly sustainable...but it does work with patience. I may try some overnight taping because even now during the day erections don't cause me that much discomfort at all.
        Listen to your body. Do what works for you. Best of health! Good luck!


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          I noticed a bit of excess skin from pumping. And i kinda miss it. Pumping is also very attractive.