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    Over on another restoring board, one of the more advanced men mentioned using a 1 7/8" trailer hitch ball as a weight. At under $10 us, that seemed like a nicer option to see if weights work with your lifestyle. This is the USA style hitch which bolts to a coupler that goes in the drawbar, not the Euro style curved forged piece that goes in the drawbar.

    I'll give him that it does do a beastly job with stretching once you get around it. Be VERY careful if you try one.

    Most commercial tuggers seem to be more 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 width, and after some research i found that there's a more restorer-size version of a hitch ball.

    Curt # 40093 replacement ball for a 1-1/4 inch trailer sway control. It's part of a damper system for a trailer hitch to help prevent the 'Tail from wagging the Dog'. It's shank is in a 5/8 thread with a 1-3/4 long threaded portion to add weights to.

    i'm unsure if it's a stainless or a hard chrome. it's not polished, so cleaning is a more detailed event.

    If you can't convince yourself if you should drop the coin on a tugging weight yet, it's a cheap experiment.
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