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Deep socket as a weight?

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  • Deep socket as a weight?

    Any tips for using a deep socket as a weight? Impact socket so it has some weight to it. Appears to fit real nice and not be too long. Thanks.

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    Basically what you are looking at is a variation of using the PUD. I would start with their website in terms of questions, techniques, etc at

    Also, here is a pdf on tips from Apollo Technologies about deep socket/gravity info at

    My Progress Gallery @ https://foreskinrestoration.vbulleti...tle-s-progress


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      A socket should work well (pun intended). They used to be pretty common in the days when DIY restoration devices were more popular than today. Just be sure to clean it off thoroughly if it's been used.


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        The main problems:
        1) Tape - most guys would avoid it if they had the slack to go tapeless.
        2) The width - you're stretching your skin around something perhaps wider than necessary.
        3) OUCH - if you have your skin taped to the outside of a heavy socket or PUD or tuba mouthpiece and you sidle up to a desk and accidentally knock your penis into the corner of that furniture, your skin will get a nasty bite. TLC Hangers weights are not worn inside the skin.
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