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    Hi, Brand new member. Where can I just ask a question? Do I just post it here?

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    Okay, I guess I'll just ask my question(s). I was circumcised at birth. I've never contemplated restoration before, but I'm wondering if the process of foreskin restoration would also increase length to my penis? Now, let me explain. I'm 67 years old and in my "younger" days was very proud of my endowment. But due to various medications over the years, my penis (and my testicles) have significantly shrunk. With enough effort, I can still get and maintain an erection, but when flaccid, I look like I did before puberty hit. WTH?

    In my 40s, my balls knocked against my thighs and I hung quite nicely. Now it's like I'm in a deep-freeze all the time. Would the TLC Tugger help me not only restore my foreskin, but also help me stretch out my "guy" again?

    Signed, Juan Hung Lo-No-Mo


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      You can ask here or elsewhere, the general discussion is where most discussion takes place:

      General Restoration Discussion - Foreskin Restoration and Intactivism Network (‚Äč

      Foreskin restoration can potentially make your penis look longer, can even make it slightly longer, but whether it will or not depends on a few things. First is how much skin you have currently, relative to the size of your internal (corpus cavernosa) that causes an erection. Many men had so much skin removed that their penis cannot extend fully. for them, restoring will give them enough skin to fully extend, and their penis will look longer.

      Some men do report their penis growing apart from the above, but it is a very small amount, somewhere on the order of less than half an inch.

      The above is true no matter what method you use to restore, so if you want you can use manual and give it a try, you can use tape, you can use inflation, or a device like the TLC.

      One point to be sure we are on the same page. We are not stretching the skin to make it longer. Instead we are growing more skin. We trigger the skin cells to grow more skin, by applying tension. the cells then grow more skin.


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        Originally posted by Rowdy55
        I guess I'll just ask my question
        Welcome and thanks for your patience. I don't know about the several thousand other users, but we had a death in the family his week which kept me away from the forum.

        The forum is divided into sections called sub-forums. See the topics each sub-forum is designated to discuss.

        Originally posted by Rowdy55
        I was circumcised at birth
        Sorry. That was most certainly not medically indicated.

        Originally posted by Rowdy55
        wondering if the process of foreskin restoration would also increase length to my penis?
        Nearly all body parts respond to tensile stress by growing. In bone we call it osteogenesis. In skin doctors call it tensile tissue expansion. (Note that there is another medical technique called skin expansion where a sheet of skin meant for transplantation is run through rollers that thin and expand the specimen so it covers a bigger wound.)

        When we tug, the tension is imparted to the skin, and that tension is resisted where the skin is firmly anchored to the body. For the skin that faces out while we tug, the anchor point is at the pubic mound. For the skin that's rolled inward, the anchor is to the shaft at the sulcus just behind the corona. So perhaps half the tension we apply to the skin tube is also transmitted through the shaft.

        So you'd maybe expect the shaft to grow right along with the skin. But alas, no. The skin growth actually occurs in response Stress, which is what engineers call the Force divided by the cross-sectional area the force acts upon. For the skin, the relevant cross-sectiona area is the doubled sleeve of skin, approximately the circumferential girth times the skin thickness times 2. For the penile shaft, the relevant cross-sectional area is the whole shaft, with an area of Pi times the radius squared. This will typically be at least 10 times as great as the cross-section of just the skin. So the stress in the shaft from the same force would be only 1/10 as great as the stress in the skin. This is to say, shaft growth proceeds much more slowly than skin growth.

        Originally posted by Rowdy55
        Would the TLC Tugger help me not only restore my foreskin, but also help me stretch out my "guy" again?
        Tugging can relax the way we hang, but if you're more compact now than at some time in memory, you should be asking a doctor.

        TLC Tugger offers a line of devices called VLC (for Vent-Less Conical) that have no vent holes. When the tension is added, the device seals to the glans by vacuum and imparts its tension more the shaft since skin stretch is limited when the device clings to the glans. A guy I trust wore the VLC Tugger with gentle strapped tension 10-12 hours per day and added 1cm to his erect length in a year.
        -Ron Low
        [email protected]
        847 414-1692 Chicago