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After 3 years away from this forum, I'm back

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  • greg_b
    Similar to Smertrios, here was my go to method when I had little skin to work with:


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  • Smertrios
    I use four 3/4" strips cut from 2" wide mefix tape as "t-tapes". Kind of a DIY approach but I like using tape and I am at home when doing this so I can keep my pants down, fan on and use a sock to put some distance between my leg and penis otherwise even slight sweating will cause the tapes to let loose. Even in the pic they are starting to slide up and thats just from the sweating I got by eating chili in high 60's temps on a DRY winter day (the fat in the hamburger did it!). Some folks have no problem keeping tape on it seems but I am definitely not one of them...
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  • mlg
    Manual Method 3 is usually good when you don't have a lot of slack / dont want to have an erection while stretching.

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  • After 3 years away from this forum, I'm back

    I was 15 back then, and now I'm 17, almost 18 years old.

    I'm actually MtF transgender, so I'm not as insanely attached to my penis as men typically are. But I still feel very violated about being circumcised, and not only that, growing new skin will make the vagina deeper if I ever get sex reassignment surgery.

    Used to do manual foreskin restoration and actually did get some growth, but gave up after a while due to lack of motivation. Recently I've been reading lots of erotica, looking at porn with trans girls like me in it, and got all kinds of weird emotions because most of those trans girls are uncircumcised, so I decided to start this again.

    Main difficulty is that manual tugging is hard since I've been taking estrogen for 3 months, makes it tough to keep an erection for an extended period of time. I don't know if the estrogen will have any inhibiting effect on growth.